How Do I Create A Link in WordPress?

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One of the important parts of blogging is linking. Creating links to other websites, blogs, news sites, and your own older posts really is an important part of blogging. In theory if no websites had links then navigating the web would be a lot more limited and time consuming.

Since we started Blogging Your Passion a few months back we have had multiple readers who are just getting started with their blogs who wanted to know how to create a link using WordPress.  I am going to talk about the easy way and slightly less easy way. But the good news is that they are both pretty easy…

Creating a link in WordPress

When you are writing a blog post in WordPress, there is a little button that makes creating a link very easy. It doesn’t appear as clickable until you highlight some text with your mouse.

create a link in wordpress

After you click the link button you will get a popup screen like this…

linking in wordpress

In the URL field just paste or enter the URL where you want to go. You can leave the title field blank if you like and just click “Add Link”. Once you do the text that you highlighted will now be linked to the URL you specified.

Creating a link using HTML

If you are wanting to create a link in a WordPress widget, or just about anywhere else that doesn’t have the link button as shown above you will need to use HTML. Don’t worry, this will be easy.

The following code below you can use as a simple template to create HTML links.

<a href=””>Search Engine</a>

All you need to do is replace everything within the quotes with the URL where you want the link to go.  Then replace the words “Search Engine” with the text that you want to be linked. When you do you will see something like this…

Search Engine

See, isn’t that simple enough?