How Does a Blog Make Money? [Podcast]

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We are currently in a 4-part podcast series about how to earn money as a blogger.

While blogging has been around for awhile now, the average person on the street still has no idea how a blog can earn income.

In previous podcasts in this series, we talked about the importance of establishing guiding principles in your online business and four of our favorite ways to earn income through blogging.

Take a moment and listen to those first since this podcast will pick up where we left off previously.

21+ Ways to Earn Income Blogging – Part 3 [Podcast]


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How does a blog make money?

This podcast is a recording from a live event we did over a year ago with a group of blogging students. We walked them through some of the more popular ways we earn money blogging.

If you would like more in depth training on how to apply these income streams to your blog, then we would encourage you to enroll in Blogging Your Passion University. It is a university for bloggers tailored to both the beginner and the more advanced blogger.

Today we will tackle:

  • How to earn online income through membership sites
  • How to get paid coaching or consulting
  • How to make money creating ebooks
  • Steps and principles to selling direct advertising

We are also building a resource page that list all the ways you can earn money blogging. To check it out for some ideas for your blog click here.


Question: What are some ways you are earning income with your blog? Comment below and add to the conversation.


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