How to Add a Contact Page to Your Blog

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a contact form

One of the most frustrating things is when you are trying to contact someone who owns a website and there is no way to contact them! I have run into this a handful of times and it is so frustrating, so don’t do this to your readers!

If sharing your email address with the world is a concern, then you can just add a contact page that will allow your readers to contact you without giving away any of your personal info.

With WordPress the simplest way to add a contact page is to use a plugin. There are many available, but I still like and use ‘Contact Form 7’ – another good one is ‘Custom Contact Forms’.

3 thoughts on “How to Add a Contact Page to Your Blog”

  1. Bob,
    You helped set up my website a few weeks ago. I am learning so much now, that is amazing. LOL Most of the time I am on each of the first 4 pages of google.
    My problem, I want to add ecommerce, amazon and a few other things. Amazon says they cannot install on WP3.2 is there a way to do this.? There are very many plugins for ecommerce, how do I know which one to choose? I want to add a page to the header, I cannot figure this out. Any suggestions?

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