How to Become a Full-Time Blogger in Half the Time

What the Most Successful Digital Entrepreneurs Would Do If They Had To Start All Over

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What would the most successful people do if they had to start from scratch all over again? This is probably the most asked questions that successful digital entrepreneurs are asked. The question is asked because what beginners struggle with the most is focus.

Not because they don’t have the ability to focus but because there are so many things to focus on. As a beginner, what should I start doing and more importantly what should I stop doing? It’s a valid question.

In an effort to dive deep into this topic, I recently held a webinar for Blogging Your Passion University on the 4 most important steps I’d take if I had to start all over again. Here are the highlights in case you missed it.

Want to download the PDF workbook? For a limited time, you can grab the same workbook I handed out to the webinar registrants. Click here to grab the PDF workbook

Step 1. Get Clarity

In order to have ultimate clarity, you have to wrestle in 4 key areas and with 4 key questions.

  • Your Story – What life events (positive or negative) could you use in telling your story?
  • Your Strengths – What do you easily do that others think is really hard?
  • Your Message – When you look at society, what makes you mad, angry or frustrated?
  • Your Market – When you lay awake at night, who’s success is on your mind?

By sharing more of your story you will better connect with others and further distinguish yourself from the competition. By leaning into your strengths you will more easily bring value into the marketplace. By honing your message you will build followers who also agree with your worldview. By speaking to a specific market you will resonate more deeply with a group of people.

Step 2. Attract Traffic

While there are many ways to attract traffic, I have found 3 particular traffic strategies (besides paid ads) that work the best and getting people to your site.

  • Create content – By creating consistent content you will position your site to get on-going monthly search traffic. Today some of my most visited pages are from blog post I wrote several years ago but rank highly in the search engines.
  • Promote content – While you should balance promoting your posts with other engaging content (like popular quotes), I’m surprised at how many bloggers don’t promote their content on social media. Promote your post more than once to get more social traffic.
  • Send content – One of the best ways to drive traffic to your new blog posts and sales pages is from email traffic. This is why you should start building an email list from day one. Even having a few hundred people coming to your latest blog post can create momentum as they comment and share your posts.

Step 3. Build Your Email List

If I had to start all over again, I’d focus on building my email list from day one. Specifically, I’d use 3 list building strategies.

  • Content upgrades – Start by optimizing your blog to capture the traffic you do have coming to your site. One of the best ways to do this is through content upgrades. By offering bonus content related to your blog post (if someone opts in), you will grow your email list fast.
  • Social paid traffic – Even if you only have $5 a day to spend, one of the fastest ways to build your email list is through Facebook ads. You can get super specific on who you show your ads to in order to build a very targeted list.
  • Partnering with others – Who could you partner with that would be glad to introduce you or your product to their audience? One specific strategy that works well is when you host JV/Affiliate webinars. This gives your the opportunity to teach and add value to other people’s audiences.

Step 4. Convert Sales

Nothing says you are open for business more than having something for sell on your site. If you are just getting started, focus on 3 specific offers.

  • High-Ticket Offer – The fastest path to the cash is often found in offering a high-ticket coaching package or keynote talk. You can start coaching by creating a “Work with Me” page on your blog. You can start accepting speaking opportunities by crafting a simple speaking page. Go ahead and create these two pages this week. A high-ticket offer would be between $1000-$5000.
  • Mid-Ticket Offer – A great mid-ticket offer would be to launch an online course. I love online courses because they scale. Once created they don’t require your time after the sale. A mid-ticket offer would be between $100-$500.
  • Low-Ticket Offer – A low-ticket offer is a great way to show value without a hefty price. Publishing a Kindle book, paperback book or audio book are all great low-ticket offers. A low-ticket offer would be between $10-$50. 

You can become a full-time blogger in half the time by focusing on getting clarity, attracting traffic, building a list, and converting sales. Everything else you should either stop doing or wait to do later.

Want to download the PDF workbook? For a limited time, you can grab the same workbook I handed out to the webinar registrants. Click here to grab the PDF workbook

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