How to Discover Your Passion – Part 1 [Podcast]

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As you may have heard, we recently open the doors on our new Blogging Your Passion Google+ Community. We have had great interaction thus far and many bloggers are already receiving help and guidance from others.

In one particular discussion, a few bloggers were talking about how to choose their passion that they want to turn into a blog. This can be especially challenging if:

  • You really do not have a clear idea of what your passion might be
  • You have too many passions and can’t figure out how to narrow it down to one
  • You are unsure about launching a blog in an area of passion that already seems so crowded

How to Discover Your Passion – Part 1 [Podcast]

For that reason, I thought it would be helpful (or even a good review for BYPU 101 Students) to listen in on a dialogue that Bob and I had on this subject over a year ago when we first launched BYPU 101.

In this episode, we offer up some self-assessment questions you can ask to uncover your passions. The goal of this podcast is to walk away with 3-5 areas of interests that you have. In the next episode, we will take this a bit further.

As mentioned in the podcast, we are now live over at our new Google community. Come network with other bloggers and us at:


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Blogging Your Passion Podcast

Questions: Have any advice for those who are trying to discover their passion? What clues helped you to discover your passion?

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