How to Easily Link Your Old Content to Your New Blog Posts

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As a blogger, you should be always looking to add value to your blog. One of the best ways to add a ton of value is by constantly linking to other pages on your site. This can benefit you in several ways, but here are two primary benefits:

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  • Keep your audience on your site longer. Not only does this benefit the user on your site that is looking for great content, but it can give you an SEO boost the longer your visitors stay on your site.
  • Improve your rankings in the search engines. If you have written a foundational article about “Best Freshwater Fishing Tips,” then the more that you link to that article from other articles on your site can enhance your rankings with the search engines. Effectively, you are telling the search engines which page on your site is best for “Best Freshwater Fishing Tips.” You can also get more of your content indexed in the search engine if you have plenty of links for the search engine spiders to follow.


Link to Post WordPress Plugin

I like to use a free WordPress plugin called Link to Post. This allows me to easily find my old content when I am writing a new blog post and link them up. It really is simple to use. In the video below, I show you how I did this for a recent blog post that I wrote on another blog of mine.

If you cannot see the video below, watch How to Easily Link Your Old Content to Your New Blog Posts directly on YouTube.


8 thoughts on “How to Easily Link Your Old Content to Your New Blog Posts”

  1. Jonathan,
    This makes it so much easier than going back to your post page, searching, bringing up, copying link, etc. Thanks so much. Now for the question, do you think it matters if the link opens in a new window or not (for the search engines and ranking stuff, I mean)?
    Thanks a bunch. I’m going to install that plugin right now.

    1. You are welcome! As Michael pointed out the search function inside the latest wordpress works good as well! Just click on the link button and you will find it.

    1. Actually Michael you are correct! I have yet to update all of my blogs to the latest version as of yet. It did have a search function before 3.3, but I could never get it to deliver the same results. This new search functionality sure does! I like it. Jonathan

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