How to Get Others to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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I want to share with you a simple way that you can get others to help drive traffic to your blog. This is a simple system that you can create at no cost. It will take a little effort up front and I will explain why in just a few moments. Wouldn’t it be cool if visitors to your site would post links to your blog on their Twitter and Facebook accounts? What if their friends and followers did the same? You can begin to drive some massive traffic to your site in a relatively short period of time. All on auto-pilot I may add.

3 Simple Steps to Driving Viral Traffic to Your Blog

1. Create an awesome free resource to give away

The first thing you will need to do is to take some time and create an awesome free resource to give away. This is something that the followers of your niche will want to have. It must be of high value for the process to work. What can you create that will impress people with the fact that you just gave it away for free. I recently did this with an eBook I created called The Simple Blog Business Plan. I wrote over 30+ pages outlining the step by step process that I use from creating yearly goals to taking daily action. Also, to show high value I created 6 videos explaining the process in greater detail.

2. Go to Cloud Flood and create a “share to get” button.

Next, you will want to go to a free site called You need to add the name of your free resource and the link where people can find it. You will also need to add a default message that you want other people to share. An example might be:

@blogpassion is giving away FREE copies of The Simple Blog Business Plan – get your copy now!

Your visitor is welcome to change the default message but most do not. They will have the choice whether to share this message on either Facebook or Twitter. Once you add your message, you will need to pick which color of button you want. Click “create button” and you are given a code to paste in either your sidebar or blog post.

3. Install the code on your site, promote, and get traffic!

Last step you will need to install your code in either a post, page, or widget inside of wordpress. Then you can sit back and enjoy other people promoting your site for you. It really is need to see all of the mentions that you will begin to get on Twitter once you have everything set up.

Want to See a Live Demo?

If you want to see a live demo of how this works, just click on the “share to get” button below and see how the process can work for you once you have it all set up!