How to Improve Your Adsense Revenue

How to Improve Your Adsense Revenue (RPM)

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Today is a continuation in the mini-Adsense series that I am going to share with you. As mentioned in a previous post, I was able to attend an Adsense in Your City Event.

In this series I want to share with you both what I learned at the event and what I have discovered about Adsense along the way.

I am assuming at this point that you already have Adsense running on your blog. If you are still contemplating whether or not to have Adsense on your site, read Should I Run Adsense on My Blog?

If you are not sure how Adsense works, see our definitive guide:

Today I want to talk about improving your RPM. The term RPM may be foreign to you so let me try and define it in non-techie terms. RPM is an acronym for Revenue Per Mille. It is just a measurement of fictitious income per 1,000 page impressions on your site. You can find the number related to your site inside your Adsense account.

Let’s use a random number as an example. If your adsense account has an average RPM of $5.00, then you can reasonably expect to make $5.00 per 1,000 page impressions. So, if your goal was to make $1000 a month with Google Adsense you would need roughly 6,600 page views a day.

6,600 page views a day divided by 1,000 equals 6.6 x $5 RPM equals $33 a day x 31 days in a month equals $1,023 in Adsense Income

Hopefully that above formula doesn’t confuse you. It is just an example. Your RPM will vary, but overtime you can get a decent average.

The average RPM will vary depending on your niche and other factors. I have some niches with much higher RPM’s than others.

How to Improve Your Adsense Revenue (RPM)

So, is there a way to improve your RPM? The answer is yes and no. You really do not want to become over-infatuated with trying to raise your number. You need to be more concerned with providing quality content on a consistent basis. However, according to the Adsense Rep there are a few things that you can do.

Opt-in to Both Text and Image Ads

Text ads just display links and text like traditional classified advertisements. Image ads will display graphic advertisements more like you would see on a traditional billboard. In your Adsense account you can choose to display one or the other on your site or both.

According to the Adsense Rep, displaying both is your better option. This creates more competition because it pulls in more advertisers competing for the same space. Google Adsense will then display the higher performing ad.

Also, you open up a new income source with image ads. Some image ads pay out income by impressions. That means you get paid even if no one clicks on the advertisement. Of course, you need to test out for yourself whether opting in to display both is the best way for you to go.

Choose the Most Popular Ad Blocks

Another way to supposedly raise your Adsense Revenue is to use the most common adsense blocks. Some advertisers only design graphics to be displayed using certain ad sizes. It does make sense that using the ads that have more advertiser competition could lead to higher revenue for you. Again, test this out to see if it is true for you and your niche.

Some of the more popular ad sizes mentioned were:

  • Leaderboard (728×90)
  • Large Rectangle (336×280)
  • Medium Rectangle (300×250)
  • Wide Skyscraper (160×600)

You can go to the Adsense Help Page  to see what the above ads look like.

In the next post, I am going to talk about some do’s and don’ts when it comes to increasing your CTR (Click Thru Rate).

51 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Adsense Revenue (RPM)”

  1. BloggingYourPassion

    Image ads have performed different for different people. I have a site that they work well on actually. Remember with some image ads you do earn even if you do not receive clicks.

  2. i used to have $1000+ per month on adsense but now it goes down what do you think is the reason? i still get 16,000-24,000 views per day i just don’t get the problem… pls reply

    1. Jonathan Milligan

      Hi Andy, I know the feeling. That has happened to me in the past as well. The first thing I would say is to not panic. See it adsense as a long term strategy and there will be ups and downs. Second, I would dig into the numbers and see if your organic search visitor count has changed. They are much more likely to click on adsense if they are coming from Google then social media or a referral site. Google search visitors are very targeted to the topic. Third, depending on your niche you may just have some advertisers who are not putting out the money at the moment. The might be gearing up for the November/December rush. Last, do some A/B Split testing to see what is working best. By the way, we are getting ready to launch the BYPU 301 course and there is a whole section about how to improve adsense earnings.

  3. Hello Jonathan Milligan. I’ve linked my adsense account to youtube. I’m only getting an average of 0.54$ as my page RPM. Are there any tips for improving my page RPM ?
    I’ll be really thankful.

    1. It might be helpful for you to connect Google Analytics with your adsense. This will help you to see where the increase in earnings is coming from. Oftentimes it comes when a page on your site increases in ranking in the search engines.

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  4. My rpm says 拢250.93 and yesterday i made only 拢0.53. So does that mean that when i hit 1000 views i will be paid 拢250.93? Please reply

  5. I’d love to know what a decent average RMP is. I’d also love to know why my daily RMP fluctuates so wildly. In the past 30 days, for example, even though my traffic was fairly steady my average daily RPM fluctuated by as much as $8.00 between my best and worst days. Is this normal? And is there anything I can do to have more high end and fewer low end days?

  6. well this whole thing is getting old n old, right now i believe if you want to increase your rpm make sure you are approving right advertisers on your website, by blocking or adding any advertiser from your adsense dashboard ==>Allow block ads/

  7. Hello Jonathan. I made $0.15 and my page RPM is $145.36. Does that mean if I get upto 1000 page views, I would get $145.36???

    1. your calculation is right.. but u should see at the ctc also.if it’s higher than US$ 7.00, then u will loss you revenue when the adsense finalize.. the ctc should be around US$ 4-7, less revenue cut.

  8. How to improve RPM and CPC value? What are the factors deciding to this parameter? Is It completely controlled by Advertiser?

    1. Ad sense is ripping people off. It’s ridiculous. I ad 6,000 views per month not day. And I wasn’t getting no where. I only earned a lousy $20.00. Ridiculous. Should have been more!

    2. I know this is old but you need to use adwords to find keywords and there cpm/cpc. Then create content based of keywords with high cpm and cpc and you can see your earnings increase dramatically. Some keywords only pay 20 cents a click and others go over 10$+.

  9. The options that you have listed are common and I guess most of us here would be already doing that. There has to be more than just this to increase our website’s RPM

  10. Habari Za Mujini

    good post, i have a problem with my site RPM, ….i dont know if these page RPM varies between country….. i have 20000 page views with only $5 earning per day..

  11. The different ways and techniques that you have listed are great, and I think, most of us here would be already following that. There must be more than these ideas to increase Adsense RPM. At this time, I consider one smart way to boost RPM, if you are looking for improving Adsense RPM quickly, just make sure you are allowing best (high paying) advertisers on your website, by barring or adding any low paying advertiser from your AdSense account settings…

    Moreover, it might be advantageous for you to attach Google Analytics with your AdSense a/c. This will advise you to check where the improvement in the earnings is coming from. Frequently it occurs when a page on the website rises in search rankings. In case, if your organic search count has increased, they are much more likely to click on AdSense ads if they are arriving from Google than the social sites or a referred or traffic buying site. The visitors for the Google search are very targeted to the topic of yours page. But yeah, on the other side, not sure about the image ads. From my own experience, the visitor tends to stay away from them. I need to practice to know more about this. Let’s see…

    Anyways, thank you so much for all these. Definitely, it will encourage me to concentrate on each and small things to improve earnings. And FYI, now I have done some of this but not all. I will be updating my Adsense account today, or in case, I need any, I will post here for you to anwer.. 馃榾

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