How to Make Money Blogging

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You may have figured out by now that blogging is here to stay. Even businesses are looking to start blogs. Blogging is a great way to brand your message, product or service. It is personal and allows for feedback and communication to take place. It allows the followers, customers, and admirers to interact and shape the topic, idea, or theory in a healthy way. Blogging for money is possible, even with your passions.

How to Make Money Blogging

When I tell people what I do for work, I can always predict the next question, “How do you make an income with a blog.” It is so non-traditional with many people that it can be hard to grasp how it works. Can you write articles and make money now with a passion of yours? Absolutelty! Is it easy? Of course not. Anything legitimate is not always easy. It is a business like anything else, but there are two beautiful truths about starting a blog.

First, you can start with very little investment if any at all. This allows you to grow a blog while you still work your day job. This is hard work but if you are blogging your passion it is something that you want to spend time on. You can’t help but not sit down to write.

Second, your blog is always open for business. It is the ultimate leverage tool. I earn income on my blog while I sleep oftentimes. Don’t get me wrong, I put plenty of work into my blogs and never saw a dime, but over time that consistent effort will pay off.

There are many ways that you make money through blogging. In fact, in an upcoming Blogging Your Passion webinar we are going to share in detail 20+ ways. Here are 4 of my favorite ways that are not too hard to get off the ground.

1. Pay Per Click Income – There are many companies who do this but the most popular is the Google Adsense program. We have already covered how much google adsense pays in another post, but basically you earn income anytime a visitor clicks on the ads on your site. The ads that show are related to the content in your blog post.

2. Affiliate Income – Even bigger commissions can happen for you by partnering with those who already have products and services that your target audience wants. Most programs will allow you to earn 30-50% of the purchase price. Even big names like Amazon, Walmart, and Ebay have affiliate programs.

3. Cost Per Action Income – This is also referred to as CPA income. When you sign up with a CPA firm, you get access to all of their advertisers. These advertisers are willing to pay you per lead. Meaning that the visitor does not have to buy anything. An example would be an ad that is advertising a Master’s degree program. The school may be willing to give you up to $15 for anyone who comes through your ad for your blog and submits their information to the school for an info pack.

4. Your Products or Services – What product can you create that would add value to your target audience? You could write a report or ebook to sell. Create a series of videos showing how to do something that someone could buy. Provide a service such as a 30 minute coaching call. The options are endless. Provide value and give your audience something that they need. That is how to make money blogging!

Question: If you have a blog, what are some ways that you have generated income?