How Do You Narrow Down Your Many Passions to Just One?

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Many of us would classify ourselves as multi-passionate.  I know I have certainly struggled in the past with the following questions:

  • Which of my many passions is the best choice for starting a blog?
  • Out of all my passions which one resonates best with others?
  • What if the passion I want to blog about has too much competition already?

Have you ever wrestled with any of those questions? Maybe you feel similar to an email I received from a fellow blogging student:

I’ve been going through the course Blogging 101, and I can’t decide what topic to try.  I have a few ideas so far:

– Health / Fitness
– Goals
– Fashion

Can you help me narrow it down?  I’ve gone through the video that helps me with that, but I still can’t decide.  Every time I decide on one, I end up wanting the other one as well.

Here was my answer back:

I completely understand where you are coming from. Having multiple passions is tough. One idea is to combine some of your passions into one blog. is a great example. He talks about video games and fitness on the same blog.

You can also go with a personal branding blog and use your own name. Your name is something that will never change. This way you can share your many passions under one blog.

Another example is Chris has a theme of freedom/living different and he talks about travel, working while traveling, living different, etc. See if there is a “overarching theme” to your various passions.

If you need a logical approach to selecting the right passion for your blog, then allow me to introduce you to the Idea Filter Worksheet. This is a worksheet that I introduced to the Teach Your Passion students. It is designed to help them to logically choose which idea is the best idea to turn into an online course.

I believe the same questions can work for analyzing our passions. Score yourself on a scale of one to ten.

  1. Do I enjoy learning about this topic?
  2. Am I passionate about this topic/worldview?
  3. What’s my level of experience or skill with this?
  4. Am I able to solve problems or satisfy desires of other people with this topic or worldview?
  5. Are other people already earning income with this topic or worldview? (If yes, this is a positive sign not a negative one)

After you walk your many passions through these questions, total up your score. How did you do? Did one or two passions rise to the top?


Question: How have you narrowed your many passions when it comes to blogging? Comment below…



10 thoughts on “How Do You Narrow Down Your Many Passions to Just One?”

  1. I like the way you help narrow it down, great job!
    This is a no-brainer for me. I’m clear on what my passion is and rate a 10 or close to it on every question but the last one, which I’m not sure about.
    My area of passion and expertise is discipleship, but it’s mostly been done on a small, local church focus, or in a cross-cultural (non-western) setting.
    I struggle with it being income-based, because that, in itself, is not a high level passion for me.

  2. My passion came to me when my son was in 3rd grade. He was struggling in school. In first grade he refused to color the apple red as instructed. he would make two streaks across the picture. I knew he already knew numbers, could add, knew letters, by second grade he was held in from recess to finish work. 20 work sheets came home for him to “catch up.” I ask the teacher if she ask him what 2+3 was. That wasn’t in the manual. She said she needed those papers to tell her.
    I started home schooling him so I could teach him the way he learned. Referencs to learning styles started falling in my lap. It took me days to develop lessons for him and he absorbed them in an hour. and KNEW the information. Tears came to my eyes more than once during those sessions.
    He wanted to go to Jr. high so he could run track. (He is a college track coach now.) His class would review for social studies test and he raised his hand for every question then got a 60 on the tests. He could not transfer the information to mark the answer dot on the sheet.
    Still he can coach someone how to do statistics but struggles with math. Back when we were home schooling I would read him a sentence form him to tell me where the punctuation went. First sentence. immediate response. by third sent. he was staring out the window. The switch went off. After a bit he would come back with answer, but, he was done for a while. If allowed to go outside or be active a bit he would engage again. (remember the recess)
    do to help end the pain kids experience because they are not understood. I cried and wrote all the way home on an 8 hr. train ride. I vowed then to give this away on a larger scale.
    A lot of things have “gotten in my way” from writing my first blog. Saying to myself is a killer. After a while the wonderful idea becomes a bad idea. watch for this one and head it off. I found I have a belief “Oh, it won’t work anyway” the source of that is another story.
    That is my big struggle now.
    know this is a loooong response. I think I just wrote an introduction to my blogging.

  3. Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for writing this post because too struggle with the “too many passions” dilemma. I came to my own conclusion that I needed to list all of my primary passions– the ones that I always focus on. For me it was running, knitting, writing, mindful living and podcasting, thus coining myself an “obsessed knitter-runner-maker-mindfulness junkie just trying to take it day by day, stitch by stitch.”

    I think it’s the collection of these things that makes how I blog unique, rather than if I were to focus one passion alone. I too had a hard time choosing and so I did a lot of soul searching and came to the conclusion that I had to figure out a way to do them all and unify them in some way.

    Thanks again for this encouraging post!

    1. “I think it’s the collection of these things that makes how I blog unique, rather than if I were to focus one passion alone.” This is a gold nugget of revelation here. Nice work!

  4. My passion is personal development…but my struggle is finding my unique voice in such a crowded space. What is it that makes me unique and what do I have that can add value to this arena? I think I have clues to the answer….I love missions….so it will be something like “personal development with the end in mind….what matters most…first things first” – something along those lines.

    1. I can tell you are getting some clarity! Another way to put it is “what’s Wesley’s unique perspective (the way he views things) when it comes to personal development?” That doesn’t mean everyone will resonate or that everyone will agree. However, you have a unique worldview that will resonate with others but you have to be willing to share it “your way.”

  5. Daryl Ann Jones

    My passion is food! I love cooking, creating recipes, reading recipes from different food bloggers, etc.I also love reading about things for the home: furniture, kitchen gadgets, decorating etc. I was a home economics major in college, but never found a career that I enjoyed. I am trying to discover what area I should pursue. How do I figure out which direction and how do I want to present myself and my passion?

    1. Thanks for the comments. Many people struggle with multiple passions, I know I have. We have an Idea Filter Scorecard worksheet in the Teach Your Passion course. I’m thinking about adding it to the BYPU 101 course in the update in January.

  6. Jonathan,
    Thanks for this useful article, the subject was really inspirative to me.

    I thought for more than 20 years that my passion was circus as I’m thinking about it all the time.
    But when it’s turn to reality like working in a circus or painting circus subject or producing circus fine art exhibition, I have discovered that I was only getting tired and unmotivated.

    The fact is that walking on the path of our passion, we meet great people that brings new passions to our consciousness. So I discovered many other passions like logistics, management, team building, live music, science, stage equipment, project development and so on.

    Work got bigger and bigger, days became shorter, energy became lower… then things become impossible.
    So I had to find a way to “narrow many passions in just one” to get some sleep and save some energy for my business.

    I made a mistake thinking that circus was the key, it was just a way, like all passions I grab.
    To narrow all my passions in one, I have answered this question : Why do I need to use that passion, and that one, and this other one… ?
    A kind of “What is the purpose of all those passions ?”.

    The answer was : I get interested in something when I walk beside people who fight for their dream or their vocation.
    My main mentor was a circus founder so I love circus, but as I walked beside the founder of a foundation that support citizenship, I have now passion for citizenship and sponsorship… and circus.
    This accumulation could be a pure nightmare as it could destroy the social environment.

    I love to be surround by people who fight to make their dream come true, I get into their passion when I discover the know-how and tools they use to turn their imagination into reality.

    I love know-how and tools that make things possible because it is the condition that allow people to improve themselves and reach their dream.

    Some people have many passions and activities, but they are all used to meet people for example, or to encourage, or to share time an so on.
    Many passions, but only one or two defended value like freedom, hope, etc.

    Thanks for your post and sorry for my bad english, my mother tongue is french.

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