How to Quickly Find Royalty Free Images for Your Blog

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I am sure you’ve heard the old saying: “a picture is worth 1,000 words.” It is critically important to add images to all of your blog posts. Adding images can do several things for you:

  • Improve your search engine traffic – Be sure to add keywords to the ALT text area of your images. People can find your blog when they are doing an image search on Google. Keywords in your ALT Text has also been proven to improve the overall search engine ranking for your blog post.
  • Add some personality to your blog – Images can also add some personality to your blog. Without images, you just have text. Your blog will appear boring and uneventful.
  • Drive home the main point of your blog post – Pictures are also great for getting the “big idea” across on your blog post. There have been many times I have been able to get just the right image to convey the right message.

There was a period of time in my blogging history when I did not add images to my posts. I was focused on trying to deliver both quality and quantity of blog posts. I simply did not see the value in adding images to all of my posts. Once I better understood some of the points mentioned above, I began adding images to every single post. I believe this has contributed to my increase in blog traffic over time.

Where is the best place to find images for my blog posts?

There are some wonderful image subscription sites you can join. If you have the funds to do so, it can simplify your life a bit. A few sites we like are or Both have a large volume of quality images at affordable prices.

If you do not have the funds at the moment to purchase image credits, here is a free way to locate royalty free images.

The crew over at Media Militia created a blog post a while back called: 250+ Free Stock Photography Sites.

Below is a video walkthrough I created to show you how I use the epic blog post mentioned above to quickly find royalty free images for my blog posts.


Question: How do you find images for your blog posts? Share in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “How to Quickly Find Royalty Free Images for Your Blog”

  1. Hi Jonathan, I use the Zemanta WordPress plugin which suggests photos based on my content most often. I only use photos that are Public Domain or GNU Free Documentation License, though.

    I also use Googe Images and search for Public Domain photos on my article topic.

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