How to Save Time When Writing Blog Posts [Podcast]

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I am constantly asking for feedback from other bloggers. I want to know the biggest challenges the average blogger is facing.

One area that consistently stands out is finding the time to blog. We did a series of podcasts on time management for bloggers a few episodes ago and I’d encourage you to check those out.

Today I want to share with you some ideas on how to develop a killer blog post once you have selected a topic. Sometimes we know the topic we want to blog about but we have the “blinking cursor curse.”

Marie Forleo calls it the “Creative Cul-de-sac.” It is when you just go round and round without really making any forward progress. Writing can be the same way. Sometimes you just need that:

  • One thought that motivates you
  • One idea that kickstarts more ideas
  • One story that inspires you

In a past webinar coaching session I tackled this challenge with a group of bloggers and shared some ways I have overcome the resistance to write once you have a topic.

A few things you’ll learn by listening:

  • Why list and tips posts are easy to write and very popular
  • How you can use other article sites for inspiration
  • Why you should never steal content word for word
  • How to curate ideas from several places to create one killer blog post


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Question: What tips do you have about writing a blog post after you have a topic? Share some tips below!



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