How to Turn Your Blog into a Great Book Concept with Chad Allen [Podcast]

Chad Allen

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How do I take my blog and turn it into a great book concept? I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Chad Allen and ask that very question.

Chad is the Editorial Director for Baker Books and has personally worked with hundreds of authors over the past 15 years. He has the keen ability to see and know what makes for a great book concept.

Statistics tell us that more than 80% of ¬†people surveyed would love to write and publish a book in their lifetime. I’m sure the percentage is even higher among a community of bloggers.

It starts by having a great book concept.

On this podcast, Chad graciously shares with us what book publishers want to see in a book concept and book proposal. We also tackle a big question I get asked quite often from fellow bloggers: Should I self-publish (Kindle) or go the traditional book publishing route?

I’ve wrestled with that very question and Chad really delivers on the pros and cons of each. Along with those questions, here are a few other questions we tackle in this interview:

How to Turn Your Blog into a Great Book Concept


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1. Can you tell the audience a little bit about who you are and what you do?

2. How can bloggers use their blog to create a great book concept that will attract publishers?

3. Which is the best route for most bloggers – self-publishing or traditional publishing?

4. Can you tell us more about Book Proposal Academy?


Question: Have you thought about writing and publishing a book? Please share below.

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    • Chad R. Allen

      Great to be on the show, Jonathan. Thanks!