[Case Study] How Stephen Built 4 Income Streams in 4 Months with a New Business

How to Elevate Above The Noise Online and Get Heard

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Is it possible to launch multiple income streams online with zero presence and get traction in just 4 months? That’s exactly what today’s case study is all about.

Starting and building businesses had been a true passion for Stephen for a long time. Yet, a few years ago, he found himself in a dark place. While financially successful with a pharmaceutical business, he was failing in many other areas of his life. In fact, his bio says it best:

“As a pharmacist who goes against the mainstream, Stephen Skinner went from financially successful yet burned-out, overweight, and grouchy to being successful in all areas of life.”

With this new found “life message” Stephen wanted to desperately help other Christian entrepreneurs from falling into the same traps he did. He wanted to launch a speaking, coaching, and writing business. Yet, building an information business in the online space was brand new territory for him.

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He started with launching a podcast. It seemed like so many others were taking that road so why not. After awhile he became discouraged. He was gathering a decent amount of listeners but they were not converting into subscribers or sales.

Last October, Stephen attended the Amplify Workshop with the following questions:

  • How do you get the attention of your ideal audience when there is so much noise online?
  • How do you write and publish a book when you’re already extremely busy?
  • How do you get more web traffic to your website?
  • How do you build an email list that leads to influence, impact and income?
  • How do you create multiple income streams around a single message?

With new found hope, strategy, and insight, Stephen rolled up his sleeves and began to work.

Income Stream #1: Books Sales

2016-05-03_10-44-30His first focus was to take the message in his heart and put it into book form. Using one of the writing strategies from the Amplify Workshop, Stephen went from no book in October 2015 to launching his 167-page book by December 21, 2015 (just over 2 months later).  The Kindle book quickly became a paperback book and an audiobook!

The book is called The 100x Life: 7 Simple Daily Habits That Will Transform Your Life, Unlock Your Greatest Potential, and Create a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

But Stephen didn’t stop there. Between December and April, He has also written and published 3 devotional books as supplements to his core book.

Let’s add up the ways Stephen can get paid each month in royalties.

  • #1: Amazon monthly royalties for the 100x Life Kindle book
  • #2: Create Space monthly royalties for the 100x Life paperback book
  • #3: Amazon monthly royalties for the 100x Life Devotional Book Volume 1
  • #4: Amazon monthly royalties for the 100x Life Devotional Book Volume 2
  • #5: Amazon monthly royalties for the 100x Life Devotional Book Volume 3
  • #6: ACX monthly royalties for the 100x Life Audiobook

Stephen now has 6 unique ways he can earn monthly recurring income from Amazon. Awesome!

Income Stream #2: Speaking Opportunities

Once Stephen published his book, he bought some copies to give away. People began to view him differently (as a published author and an expert on his topic). Paid speaking opportunities began to open up for him. This is what Stephen ultimately wanted to be able to do.

By the middle of February 2016, He already had three great speaking opportunities lined up, two of which were paying him to come speak to their organization.

Income Stream #3: Coaching

Once readers started to dive into the book, his requests for coaching starting coming in. While this was part of his plan all along, he admittedly was surprised as it was happening sooner than he thought.

Income Stream #4: Online Course

Stephen is now working on converting the message of his book into an online course. It is a logical next step for him and a smart one as well. Once created, the online course becomes one of those “time freeing” income streams he can unleash in his business. He already has people asking him about when the course will launch.


I wanted to share Stephen’s story to be an encouragement to you, my friend. You might be at a place right now where you’ve lost a little bit of hope. You want to build a business around the passionate message that lives in your heart, but doubt, delay and distractions keep getting in the way.

The truth is you need a proven process, the right online business tools, and some accountability to make it happen.

Want to launch your own blog and turn it into a business? Click Here and take our FREE 7-Day Launch Your Blog Challenge. You’ll receive a step-by-step video each day for 7 days! Get started now!

If you were to talk to Stephen today I think I’d know what he would say to you: “What a difference 4 months can make.”

Amplify Workshop

Amplify Workshop


Oh, and the best way to end this case study is for you to see what Stephen posted in our private online community back in February for Amplify members (just 4 months after launching his new business):



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    • http://www.jonbeaty.com Jon Beaty


      Thanks for sharing Stephen’s inspiring story. I’m finishing up a book built on my framework and am looking forward to expanding my suite of products, as Stephen has done. It helps to see these real-life examples of how the system you teach works.

      • http://bloggingyourpassion.com/ Jonathan Milligan

        Thanks Jon! We would love to have you at one of our workshops.