Inserting Amazon Affiliate Links into WordPress

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For those new to affiliate marketing (What is affiliate marketing?). Amazon is one of the best affiliate programs to get started with. They have a zillion products and they convert customers pretty well – which means more money for you.

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Because a couple readers asked for it, here is a quick tutorial on how to insert amazon affiliate links into WordPress. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Inserting Amazon Affiliate Links into WordPress”

    1. Carol if you flip back over to the visual tab, highlight your link, then click the link button, you can then check the box that says to open in a new tab. That should do it for you…

  1. Hey Bob,
    I am SOOO grateful to you for creating this post. I have spent the last week trying to figure out why my links weren’t working (on my blogger blogs – not even wordpress). I had previously successfully uploaded links but something changed and the way I was doing wasn’t working. I have been on the Amaz Assoc forums, blogger forums, and even contacted Amaz Assoc ‘help’ directly a couple of times and no-one could give me an answer which actually helped. I was about to give up completely and accept the fact that it just wasn’t going to be possible for me to ‘monetise’ my blogs in this way (which upset me because any proceeds I get are going to our foundation for children!). I was going to give up on the whole blogging thing – which upset me because I’ve put in so much work… Anyways, a fraction from complete despair, I googled how to add Amaz Assoc links to blogs and your post came up. I did check out another site too – which almost pushed me over the edge, but your post and video helped me to successfully upload a link to a wordpress blog AND using what I learned I was able to figure out the Blogger ones too. Cannot even begin to express how grateful I am. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    Warm regards from the Land Downunder,

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Bob. I was actually trying to figure out how to put the html in the side bar though. Any ideas? Simply pasting the code into the “text box” widget doesn’t seem to work. Thanks.

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