Introducing BYP University!

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After a few months of planning, preparing, recording, editing, and about a million other things I am really excited to introduce our first course in BYP University.

When I started blogging I had no roadmap, no instruction, and barely any guidance from other bloggers who had been where I wanted to be (full-time blogging).

As a result I learned a lot of hard lessons through a lot of trial and error. Part of our goal with BYPU is to offer courses that will provide bloggers an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and successes without having to figure it all out on your own.

BYPU 101

The first course to be offered in the University is our 101 course.  This course includes 22 videos with over two hours of step-by-step instruction teaching you everything you need to know to get your new blog up and running.

It is designed for the brand new bloggers and those who want to start blogging but who need some simple instruction on how to get started.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of BYPU 101 you will have chosen your topic that you are passionate about and you will have your own self-hosted blog (with your domain name of choice) set up with WordPress installed.

Your site will be tweaked for future growth and you will know how to create a blog post, insert links, pictures, and videos, add elements to the sidebar area, moderate comments, track your visitors, create an RSS feed, find a beautiful theme, and a whole lot more…

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What’s Included in the Course?

  • How to Discover Your Passion – Practical steps on how to figure out what it is that you truly are passionate about.
  • How to Pick A Good Domain Name – We show you how to choose a domain that will not only communicate clearly but that will help set you up for the long-term.
  • Why You Should Self-Host Your Blog – Almost all pro-bloggers use a Self-Hosted WordPress blog as their platform – this is why we do.
  • How to Set up A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog – Adjusting the nameservers, installing WordPress, and more.
  • How to Convert from Blogspot or to a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog – If you have another blog started and are looking to convert, this is for you.
  • WordPress Dashboard Overview – A look at how to navigate your WordPress admin panel.
  • Adjusting WordPress Settings – These are a few simple tweaks you will want to make for the long-term benefit of your blog.
  • How to Create Your First Blog Post – Everything you need to know about starting
  • How to Create and Edit Pages – And an explanation of how posts differ from pages.
  • How to Change Your Theme – Learn how you can instantly transform the look of your blog.
  • How to Manage Comments – Reader comments are a important part of blogging and this is how you can manage them more effectively.
  • How to Set Up A Feedburner RSS Feed – Your RSS feed is the simplest way for you to start syndicating your content and making it accessible to the world.
  • How To Set Up Google Analytics – A look at how to use this powerful (and free) tool to monitor your blog’s visitors, pageviews, top posts, and much more.
  • How to Create a Professional Email Address – Learn how to create email addresses using your domain for a profession look.
  • Using Widgets to Customize Your Blog – We explain what widgets are and how you can use them to help customize your blog.
  • Using Plugins – We explain plugins and how you can use them to dramatically increase the functionality of WordPress to do just about anything you imagine with it.

And a lot more!


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