Introducing the BYPU 201 Course!

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I am writing this with a lot of excitement as the BYPU 201 course is now available!

While the BYPU 101 course walks you through setting up your blog and teaching all about WordPress, the 201 course takes everything to the next level with 44 instructional videos and downloadable PDFs. It was designed to pick up right where BYPU 101 left off and help bloggers take their blogs to the next level.

What is covered in BYPU 201?

The 201 course is comprised of 6 main components each containing step-by-step instructional videos:

1. Getting Traffic To Your Blog

This section provides you with actionable steps that you can take to start getting more traffic to your blog today – from a method that Jonathan used to get 200 visits in one day (on a brand new blog) to another that sent over 1000 visits in one day!

2. On-Site Improvements

This section covers all kind of goodies that we get asked by readers like how to find and edit photos for your blog, add an email subscribe box, add social media buttons, and even how to create a logo without spending a dime!

3. Off-Site Tasks

This section covers a lot of essential tasks that will help you grow your blog like how to use Google Analytics to your benefit, submit guest posts that get accepted, and the easiest way to get free links to your blog every week!

4. SEO

In this section we explain the basics of SEO, how to get your site in Google, the 5 most important things new bloggers need to know about SEO, and we also provide and explain our 9-Point SEO checklist for blog posts that we use.

5. Content Creation

In this section we talk about 6 qualities of successful bloggers,  a helpful spreadsheet to help you never run out of blog post ideas, 20 types of blog posts you need to know about, and our recommended 1-hour work session.

6. Making Money with Your Blog

In this section we help bloggers get started on the journey of making money from their blog. We dig deep into 3 of our top income sources from our blogs as well as getting down to the specific step-by-step instruction of how to add various advertisements on your blog.

Who is behind the course?

Jonathan and I are providing all of the direction and step-by-step instruction in each video. We are both Professional bloggers who have been at it since early 2007 and together our blogs receive well over 1,000,000 pageviews each month!

Not sure if it’s right for you?

If you are getting tens of thousands of visits to your blog each month and earning a few hundred dollars a month, then you will probably be a better fit for the 301 course.

If you are getting less traffic (and earnings) than that, then the BYPU 201 course IS probably right for you.

Money-Back Guarantee!

If you are on the fence about whether this course will be a good fit – just give it a try. If you don’t love it and/or if you know a lot of the info covered, we will give your money back – no questions asked!

Find out more

If you are interested just head over to our BYPU 201 page for more details.