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There was a time not too far in the distant past when I struggled with blogging. At times I felt no matter what I did I just couldn’t grow my blog traffic to the next level. With so many things to do, I was confused with where I should spend my time. There was so much advice online- some good, mostly bad.

I never felt more alive when blogging, but I wondered if anyone was even really listening. Then there came the desire to earn money with my blog.

How was I going to do that and not feel like a crooked salesman? I didn’t feel comfortable thrusting myself into the limelight as the hero who has his act together and knows all the right answers.

I also doubted myself as well. The fear of not being good enough creeped in, took residence, and whispered to me that I just didn’t have what it took to be a success. Why does this seem so much easier for everyone else?

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People I knew seemed to be growing at a faster rate than I was. What was wrong with me?

Have you been there?

Maybe that is how you feel in this moment. You come fully alive when you think about blogging and sharing your passion with the world only to abandon the dream through your own self sabotage.

Can I encourage you for a moment?

Let the words of Hal Elrod in his book Miracle Mornings sink deep into your soul, “You are just as worthy, deserving, and capable of creating and sustaining extraordinary health, wealth, happiness, love, and success in your life, as any other person on earth.”

So, I went on a journey.

I decided that in order to be successful as a Pro Blogger I needed to adopt the mindset, habits, and systems of full-time bloggers. If I could somehow deconstruct what all the full-time bloggers were doing and find a pattern, I would have a roadmap to follow.

I’ve spent the last few years interviewing, discussing, interacting and learning from all the best full-time bloggers out there. What I have found is they all have 15 success traits in common.

The 15 Success Traits of Pro Bloggers

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For the last year, I’ve been writing a new book with the goal of helping as many people as possible take their passionate idea and turn it into a profitable online business. The book is not a bunch of random ideas that work today but not tomorrow. It’s a roadmap that will be just as relevant ten years from now.

It’s not about the latest tools and software. Tools come and go, but principles are always true. I’ve done the research of analyzing what the best bloggers in the world do, where they spent their time, and what matters most to them in building their business.

This book is for bloggers, podcasters, coaches, platform builders, and online entrepreneurs. If you desire to build an online business, this book is for you. Here’s a few of the things you’ll learn in this book:

  • An easy to follow roadmap that outlines the entire book
  • A proven pathway that’s been approved by other full-time bloggers
  • Insights based on my own six year blogging journey
  • Evergreen advice that highlights proven principles


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The book is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, February 4th. If you’d like to get on the early bird list, you can join our private book launch group by clicking here.

We will also be sharing some extra goodies and training with this group so join now!

If you’re tired of all of the confusing advice out there, it’s time to settle into a process you can trust.

You can do this. You just need a proven roadmap to follow.

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Did you enjoy this post? This is a book excerpt from my new book The 15 Success Traits of Pro Bloggers: A Proven Roadmap to Becoming a Full-Time Blogger. To get an early released copy of the book and some extra training, you can join the private book launch group by clicking here.