Keyword Researcher – A New Long Tail Keyword Tool

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As you have heard us say time and time again, successful bloggers discover what people are searching for and provide answers, advice, and tips in an attempt to add value to their niche.

A few months ago, I shared a blog post about ways to use Auto-Suggest in Google to get a ton of new content ideas. I still love this approach because it provides so many ideas related to a topic. I also love that most of the suggestions are considered “long tail keywords.”

What Does Long Tail Keywords Mean?

Let me make a few distinctions for you and hopefully it helps

  • Head Keywords – these are short keywords that represent a ton of traffic and a ton of competition. An example would be “hair loss.”
  • Long tail keywords – Long tail keywords are often searched less but normally much easier to rank for. Using our first example, “hair loss for senior women” would be a long tail keyword.

Here is a graphic below that should connect the dots for you between the two.

long tail keyword tool

Using the graphic above, let’s say you have a digital camera blog. You should be looking for and discovering “long tail” keywords like “Sony Digital Camera 7.1MP with 3x Optical Zoom” and writing reviews on it.

Keyword Researcher – A New Long Tail Keyword Tool

You can imagine my excitement when I found a simple long tail keyword tool that would find tons and tons of long tail keywords for me. It is called the Keyword Researcher Tool.  It basically scrapes the Google Auto-Suggest that I mentioned above and grabs hundreds of keywords for you.

All you do is place an asterisk (*) in the spot that you want searched in your phrase. (It may sound confusing at first, but watch the video for more insight.) I have been using it now for over a month and I am still coming up with new ideas all of the time.

Here is some of the search functions you can use along with your niche to find lots of keyword topics.

“Question” words:

  • Does a camera *
  • Does * Nikon
  • Is * camera

“How” words:

  • How does a camera *
  • How * a camera
  • How * on my camera

“For” words:

  • * for a camera
  • Cameras for *
  • Cameras * for

“Top” words:

  • Best * camera
  • Top 10 camera *
  • Best selling camera *

“Buy” words:

  • Buy * cameras
  • * cameras for sale
  • Buy camera *

After I get back a few hundred keywords, I highlight the whole list and then paste it into my keyword database tool of choice, If you do not have a keyword database tool, you can just save it in a notepad or excel file and get to work creating content from your new article topic ideas.

Bob and I love the Keyword Researcher tool so much that we are including some more detailed tutorials in the upcoming release of the Blogging Your Passion University 201 Course. The creator of the tool was kind enough to offer a special discount just for Blogging Your Passion readers. You will need to click on the link below to get the tool for only $21.97!

For now, I created a special video showing you how I am using the Keyword Researcher tool to find lots of great content ideas. Also, you can try the tool for yourself for free online at


If you cannot see the video below, watch Keyword Researcher – A New Long Tail Keyword Tool directly on YouTube.