Keyword Strategy Tool – Step 3: Expand Your Search for More Great Keywords

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We are currently doing a series on how to use the Keyword Strategy Tool to build a successful blog. I began using this tool just over 6 months ago and I have seen some phenomenal results. In fact, below is a Google Analytics snapshot of one of my blogs from January to July this year. I went from a few hundred daily visits to topping 2,000 unique visitors in a single day. I could show you many more graphs from my other blogs.


My Recent “AHA” Moment When Analyzing My Ranking

The Keyword Strategy Tool is a complex, powerful keyword research tool. I love the fact that it is so robust, but I will be the first to admit that it was bit challenging to grasp in the beginning. Pile on top of that someone who is brand new to blogging and keyword research all together and it can become even more complicated.

I know some of you that have been following along in the series have struggled a bit at finding 20 good keywords to write about. So, I decided to do some analysis across my blogs to see if I noticed any patterns that I might be able to share with you. While there is no “easy” button to ranking, I would always encourage you to spend time analyzing why some of your posts seem to rank well and what the common theme might be.

Here is what I discovered:

  • I had 205 total keywords on my entire blog that were under 100,000 in competition.
  • 139 of them ranked in the top 100 results of Google
  • 46 of them ranked in top 10 results of Google

While your blog might vary, here is my assumption at the moment.

If I target ANY keywords under 100,000 competing pages:

  • I have a 68% chance of ranking in the top 100 results of Google
  • I have a 22% chance of ranking in the top 10 results of Google

Now keep in mind, this ranking is not always automatic. Sometimes I get there in a few days and other times a few months. If you are in this for the long haul (which I hope you are), you will find that your blog posts and rankings get better with age as Google trusts your site.

Step 3: Expand Your Search for More Great Keywords

That being said, if you are struggling with finding great keywords from step 2, expand your filters and begin targeting any relevant keyword phrases that have under 100,000 competing pages. Have a goal of finding 20 that you like and create some epic content that people will want to share with others. Watch the video below for more detailed instructions.

If you have yet to try out the Keyword Strategy Tool. I would suggest starting from our first blog post in the series as it can tell you how to get a 30 day free trial and a 10% discount if you decide to purchase.

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Now, onto the video…..

If you do not see the video above, you can view on YouTube by clicking here.

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