Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

How to make money from your website or blogThere are many ways you can earn money blogging. We listed some of our favorites here:

These are some of the many forms of advertising that
you can use to make money with your website.

Pay Per Click Ads

As the name suggests with these advertising programs you
get paid for each click.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

With affiliate marketing you (the publisher) gets paid a commission each time
a visitor clicks an ad and then goes and buys a product.

CPM Advertising Networks

CPM (cost per thousand impressions) networks generally pay from
20 cents to a few dollars for every 1000 pageviews.

Also for those of you with Christian-oriented sites there are some Christian Advertising Networks that you may want to check out.

Job Boards

If you have a niche site with decent traffic having a job board on
your site can be a decent earner.

Consulting Services


(Coming Soon)

Creating an Email List or Newsletter
Membership Sites
Offering Consulting and Related Services
Direct Banner Advertising
Freelance Writing
Ebook Sales
Creating a Directory of Professionals
Run a Webinar!
In-text Advertising
Selling a Hardcover Book
Creating a conference around the website
RSS Feed Ads
CPA (Cost Per Action)
Merchandising (t-shirts, mugs, CDs, DVDs)
Software, Plugins, Themes, Apps
Premium Content