How to Get Your Blog Noticed with Marlee Ward [Podcast]

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How do you get your blog noticed when it seems so noisy out there?

Today, I had the privilege to interview Marlee Ward of Radical Entrepreneurship. Let me just say she is one smart lady.

Every conversation I have with her I walk away with practical tips I can start implementing immediately into my business.

I thought it might be helpful for many of you to spend an entire episode on marketing. Many bloggers have a love/hate relationship with marketing. They want to broadcast their passion to the world, but feel unsure about promoting themselves.

How to Get Your Blog Noticed by Marlee Ward [Podcast]


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In this interview, I asked Marlee the following questions:

What advice would you give to someone who only has a negative view of marketing? They think they have to “sell their soul” or “become someone their not.” Any advice?

Do you have any tips on how to be seen as the go-to expert in your field?

I know you often have a full client base you are always working with. What are some of the common marketing mistakes you find most of the time?

What are a few of your favorite marketing tips?

I know you talk a lot about getting a mindset makeover. How big of a role does that play in our business? Any tips?

Where can people best connect with you online?


Question: What things do you struggle with when it comes to marketing your blog online?



3 thoughts on “How to Get Your Blog Noticed with Marlee Ward [Podcast]”

    1. Hey Jon,
      Marketing is just one of those things you have to MAKE time for. I know it’s easier said than done, but when you try and find time, it always seems to escape you. One thing I recommend my clients do is carve out “sacred” time, where they don’t schedule anything (whether that’s 5AM or 11PM) and allocate just 30 mins to marketing their business. Even a small CONSISTENT commitment to the process makes a world of difference. Good luck! Keep up the hard work.

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