The 72 Most Tweetable Moments of the Platform Conference

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I just recently returned from the Platform Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was an amazing time of connecting with other passionate bloggers and learning at the feet of those I most admire.

There was so much wisdom shared at this conference I decided to share it with you in an easy, digestible format. Below you will find a collection of wisdom in the form of tweets. Feel free to tweet and share these timeless truths with your audience.

hyattMichael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is a New York Times bestselling author and blogger at His blog is the #1 leadership blog , with nearly 500,000 readers a month.

[spp-tweet “If you ever hope to monetize your site, you’ve got to have an email list. @MichaelHyatt”]

[spp-tweet “Success in building a Platform is a lot of singles & doubles. @MichaelHyatt”]

[spp-tweet “As a blogger/business owner: You’re either consistent or non-existent. @MichaelHyatt”]

[spp-tweet “Having an email list is critical. It is my #1 strategic priority. @MichaelHyatt”]

[spp-tweet “Grow your email list. Directly related to your income. @MichaelHyatt”]

[spp-tweet “Get in motion! Something is better than nothing. Launch then improve. @MichaelHyatt”]

[spp-tweet “People will pay for convenience. It’s why you’ll buy pre-baked cookies at the store. @MichaelHyatt”]

[spp-tweet “Everyone has a megaphone. Everyone is connected. That’s why you need a WOW product. @MichaelHyatt”]

[spp-tweet “Don’t overthink platform building. You’ll make mistakes. You’ll survive. Get the message out. @MichaelHyatt”]

[spp-tweet “If I stay burned out, whose going to lose? @MichaelHyatt”]

[spp-tweet “Clear vision attracts resources. @MichaelHyatt”]

 grahamCasey Graham

Casey Graham is an entrepreneur and loves helping other entrepreneurs. He is the founder of The Rocket Company.

[spp-tweet “Stop dabbling. Start dominating. @CaseyGraham”]

[spp-tweet “Set very specific goals. How many? How much? By when? @CaseyGraham”]

[spp-tweet “When there’s too much to do the ABC’s will be my cue. Attract traffic. Build List. Convert sales. @CaseyGraham”]

[spp-tweet “You can’t buy things with ideas. Break it down. How much money did I make today in my business? @CaseyGraham”]

[spp-tweet “You want your spouse to enjoy your more because you have a business, not less because you do. @CaseyGraham”]

[spp-tweet “You want your kids to be proud of you as a business owner, not wishing you weren’t. @CaseyGraham”]

davisKen Davis

Ken Davis is the President of Dynamic Communicators International, he has been teaching speaking skills to students for over 30 years.

[spp-tweet “People with passion use their voice…Drones kills people. @KenDavisLive”]

[spp-tweet “If you know where you are going, you can take anyone with you. @KenDavisLive”]

[spp-tweet “No one cares what you want to say. People want to know how you can contribute to their lives. @KenDavisLive”]

[spp-tweet “Confidence comes from knowing your purpose and how you’re going to get there. @KenDavisLive”]

[spp-tweet “Gift is given. Be thankful. Skill is learned. Go learn. @KenDavisLive”]

[spp-tweet “The more time you give to preparing a talk, the more life can react to the ingredients of your message. @KenDavisLive”]

[spp-tweet “Eliminate anything that doesn’t contribute to your presentation’s main purpose. @KenDavisLive”]

[spp-tweet “True confidence comes when you know you’re there to give an important message, and worry less about what they will think of YOU. @KenDavisLive”]

ravenscraftCliff Ravenscraft

Cliff Ravenscraft is the Founder of GSPN (Generally Speaking Production Network). He has personally produced over 3,100 podcast episodes and has helped thousands of others get started in podcasting via

[spp-tweet “Podcasting is the single greatest opportunity to take your platform to the next level. @GSPN”]

[spp-tweet “Your audience is nearly unlimited via podcasts. It’s foundational to your own platform, & will change your life. @GSPN”]

paineCrystal Paine

Crystal Paine is a bestselling author, business consultant, speaker, and Founder of Started in 2007, her blog receives over 1.5 million unique visitors per month.

[spp-tweet “I’m going to own the gifts that God has given me. @MoneySavingMom”]

[spp-tweet “Comparison is the thief of joy. @MoneySavingMom”]

[spp-tweet “There are no secrets. There is only hard work. @MoneySavingMom”]

[spp-tweet “Just start and learn as you go. @MoneySavingMom”]

[spp-tweet “The only proven method of successes is doses and doses and doses of hard work. @MoneySavingMom”]

[spp-tweet “Stop collecting information and go out and apply what you already know. @MoneySavingMom”]

[spp-tweet “What can you give up to make the time? @MoneySavingMom”]

[spp-tweet “Use a prioritized list to turn everything else off and get the most important things done. @MoneySavingMom”]

[spp-tweet “Lies we tell ourselves: I don’t know where to start. I don’t have time. I’m not good enough. @MoneySavingMom”]

[spp-tweet “Start w/the most important things so you actually get the most important things done. @MoneySavingMom”]

[spp-tweet “My team is not my ‘staff’, because I don’t lean on them like a crutch. They are my team. @MoneySavingMom”]

porterfieldAmy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is known as an authority on all things Facebook, blogs at and is the host of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast.

[spp-tweet “The energy of your business is directly tied to the size of your email list. @AmyPorterfield”]

[spp-tweet “Focus on list building with Facebook, not likes, comments or shares. @amyporterfield”]

[spp-tweet “Facebook marketing is the best way to build your email list. @AmyPorterfield”]

[spp-tweet “People aren’t on Facebook to do business with you. They want to be entertained or educated. @AmyPorterfield”]

[spp-tweet “Align your giveaway to the paid products/services you offer. @AmyPorterfield”]

edwardsRay Edwards

Ray Edwards is a sought-after speaker and author, and is a prolific blogger at

[spp-tweet “Solve a problem for people before you try to sell them something. @RayEdwards”]

[spp-tweet “If you don’t sell you won’t have a platform. To sell; you need to create words that sell. @RayEdwards”]

[spp-tweet “You are one sales letter away from wealth. @RayEdwards”]

[spp-tweet “Connect with your tribe. Join the conversation already taking place in your prospect’s mind. @RayEdwards”]

[spp-tweet “The easiest way to influence people is with what’s already influencing them. @tonyrobbins @RayEdwards”]

[spp-tweet “Be a shepherd, not a seller. Help people come to a decision that is right for them. @RayEdwards”]

[spp-tweet “People don’t buy because they want what you have, they buy to avoid the cost of not buying. @RayEdwards”]

[spp-tweet “When you offer something spend 80% of time on the transformation, and 20% on what the thing is. @RayEdwards”]

[spp-tweet “Confidence is what it takes to sell. Your emotional place determines how you sell. @RayEdwards”]

flynnPat Flynn

Pat Flynn owns several different online businesses and talks about each of them on and on his podcast. Forbes Magazine recently recognized him for his transparency in business.

[spp-tweet “I gauge my success by the hand written notes I receive. It’s about them! @PatFlynn”]

[spp-tweet “If you want to change somebody’s life, start by changing their day first. @PatFlynn”]

[spp-tweet “Common experience bonds people together. Relationships are built with trust. @PatFlynn”]

[spp-tweet “Think of your brand like a factory tour…show the inside secrets! Open up the factory doors @patflynn”]

[spp-tweet “People don’t become raving fans overnight. It’s a process over time. @PatFlynn”]

[spp-tweet “Build a real relationship with your audience. Don’t be afraid to share some anecdotes about yourself. @PatFlynn”]

[spp-tweet “It’s no longer about B2B. it’s about P2P. people to people. @PatFlynn”]

mclarenStu McLaren

Stu McLaren is an online entrepreneur who has made millions through his products and services. One of his passions in life is to help struggling overwhelmed entrepreneurs discover solutions that can simplify their lives. You can follow him at

[spp-tweet “There has never been a better time to be in business because of the internet. @StuMcLaren”]

[spp-tweet “The less you do the more successful you become. @StuMcLaren”]

[spp-tweet “The Urgent distracts you, disrupts you, and doesn’t care what you want. @StuMcLaren”]

[spp-tweet “No degree of success can compensate for failure in the home. David McKay via @StuMcLaren”]

[spp-tweet “To work less, you must automate, delegate, and delete tasks. @StuMcLaren”]

[spp-tweet “Take it one step at a time. You don’t need to go into this, just grow into this. @StuMcLaren”]

[spp-tweet “What is important to you right now? Choose what matters most in this season. @StuMcLaren”]

[spp-tweet “The more money you make, the more you can serve your audience. @StuMcLaren”]

cushattMichelle Cushatt

Michelle Cushatt inspires audiences on both the stage and the page. You can follow her on her blog at

[spp-tweet “Any dream or calling that’s worth it requires both vulnerability and risk. @MicheleCushatt”]

[spp-tweet “I have a name. I have a purpose. I have a place. Not alone. Not competing. @MicheleCushatt”]

[spp-tweet “Know the truths about who you are. It’s the platform of your platform. @MicheleCushatt”]

[spp-tweet “Value comes from within. @MicheleCushatt”]

[spp-tweet “Do you want to change your world? Do you believe your message enough to take a chance? @MicheleCushatt”]


Which of these sayings mean the most to you today?


    Jonathan has been blogging since 2009 and is still in awe that the Creator of the Universe desires to have a relationship with him. His passions include spending time with his kids, reading, March Madness, surprise get-a-way trips with his wife, and watching funny YouTube videos.

    • RickCoplin

      Love this list, Jonathan! It mirrors many of things I wrote in my notebook, tweeted and retweeted during the conference. Reading them here brings back the strong emotions that the Platform Conference generates when you recognize truth and the need for action simultaneously. My favorite is from Stu’s presentation, quoting David McKay: “No degree of success can compensate for failure in the home.” This was echoed in many of the speakers’ presentations. It is a simple truth that our success is rooted in our homes and in our families.

      • Jonathan Milligan

        Hi Rick. It was great to connect with you in person. Yep, Stu’s quote from David McKay was my favorite quote of the weekend too!

    • Steve Marlin

      Wow, great list… The next best thing to being there! Sure makes me want to go the next time around!!!

      A lot of these tweets resonated with me, but one in particular from Michael hit home, “As a blogger/business owner: You’re either consistent or non-existent.” This one thought will take care of that constant challenge of “three steps forward, two back.”

      Keep up the great work, Jonathan… and thanks again for posting these!

      • Jonathan Milligan

        Thanks Steve! It certainly was a great event.

    • Laura Naiser

      Thanks for posting this. I was not able to attend and this is a wonderful synopsis of some key takeaway ideas.

      The one that resonates most with me is Michele Cushatt’s quote: “Know the truths about who you are. It’s the platform of your platform.”

      • Jonathan Milligan

        Yes Laura. I loved that statement from Michelle too…

    • Glen Smyth

      Great list Jonathan…thanks so much for a terrific summary of the conference!

      • Jonathan Milligan

        You are welcome Glen. Where you there?

        • Glen Smyth

          Unfortunately not Jonathan. Was hoping to get there, but hopefully the next one. So that made your summary all the more appreciated.

    • Frank Gustafson

      Brilliant post Jonathan Wish I’d thought of it! GREAT conference… rock on brother!

      • Jonathan Milligan

        Thanks Frank.

    • Lisa Canning

      LOVE this list. I was at Platform too- I am bookmarking your post so I can revisit for motivation when I need it!