2 Simple Ways to Create Amazing Blog Posts

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Do you struggle with creating content for your blog? Writing blog posts does not always come easy for everyone. You know you need to add regular content in order to produce a successful blog. Yet, waiting for “inspiration” is not always the best strategy. Some of my most liked blog posts did not come from inspiration. They came from developing that daily habit of writing. The more you discipline yourself to write, the better you get at understanding your unique style, voice, and perspective.

While personally not a big fan of Stephen King, it is amazing at what he has been able to accomplish as a writer. One of his “secrets” has been the daily discipline of writing that he imposed upon himself.  He writes a minimum of 1,000 words a day six days a week. When he is in the middle of a book, he writes 2,000 words a day at minimum. While this might be too high of a word count for your situation, I would recommend that you set some type of goals to get you moving. Creating consistent content is at the heart of a successful blogger.

2 Simple Ways to Create Amazing Blog Posts

If you struggle with what direction to take your writing, then consider these two styles of writing. One is practical and the other is persuasive. As we have written before, being able to discover the questions your audience is asking and then creating answers to those questions is what the whole process is all about.

The Persuasive Style

This type of blog post will answer the “Why” questions your readers ask. I love writing these types of posts. Examples in the blogging niche might be:

  • Why should I have a self-hosted WordPress blog?
  • Why should I do keyword research?
  • Why should I have a Facebook fan page?
The persuasive style allows you to answer these questions with your own experience and knowledge. You can move people to a new level of learning and understanding by what you write. Inspiring people can be a lot of fun and very motivating. To stay focused when writing these types of posts I answer the “why: question with a “because.” For example:
Why should I have a Facebook fan page?
  • Because your content can spread quickly online
  • Because it can provide “social proof” that you have followers on your blog
  • Because you can keep your fans coming back to your blog with each new post.
See how fun and easy that was? What are the “why” questions that your audience is asking?
The Practical Style
Another simple blog post style that I like to use is what I call the practical style. This style answers the question “How?” Your blog post should focus on how to offer step by step practical advice. Millions of people everyday type in how questions into the search engines. You can easily answer these questions by using the preposition “by.” Here is a simplistic example:
How can I grow traffic to my blog?
  • By writing quality content on a regular basis
  • By writing guest posts on other relevant blogs
  • By improving your on-page SEO factors
  • By improving your off-page SEO factors
Then, I can write a paragraph explaining each of those points above and I will have a 400-500 word blog post that can specifically help my audience. The more you do this on a regular basis, the easier it gets. By following the steps above, it also helps you to keep your writing focused. Otherwise, it is easier to get off track and your article is all over the place without a central point and theme.
Question: What simple tips do you have when it comes to creating new content for your blog?