The Deep Belief That Your Message is Needed in the World

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Confidence comes when you have a deep belief that your message is needed in the world. Most Pro Bloggers passionately understand this truth. They understand it so deeply that their message is more important than their personal popularity.

In the book Everyone Communicates Few Connect, author John Maxwell shares four questions to ask to see if you are passionate about your message:

  1. Do I believe what I say?
  2. Has it changed me?
  3. Do I believe it will help others?
  4. Have I seen it change others?

When I lack confidence, I ask myself those four questions. Immediately my mindset shifts from off of me and onto my message. Be careful that your lack of confidence is not an underlying ego problem. When the ego is in charge we value emotional comfort above all else. By placing confidence in our message that has the power to improve lives, our mindset shifts to serving our audience well.

Is There Room in This World for My Message?

I know what you are thinking. I’ve heard it myself. There is too much competition. There are already too many people trying to do the thing I want to do.

But what if that was a good thing? What if you saw that as social proof that people will pay you for it? The truth is there will never be another “you.” You bring a unique view, personality and perspective to all you do. Embrace that. Decide today to lean into your gift and make it useful for others.

  • If you don’t say it, it may never be said.
  • If you don’t write it, it may never be written.
  • If you don’t create it, it may never be created.

You have a message. Your message is needed in the world.

We are waiting for you…


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    Jonathan has been blogging since 2009 and is still in awe that the Creator of the Universe desires to have a relationship with him. His passions include spending time with his kids, reading, March Madness, surprise get-a-way trips with his wife, and watching funny YouTube videos.

    • Kelly Smith

      Thank you for this! It came at just the right time. It is easy to let this journey become about me, but so important to make it about others!

      • Jonathan Milligan

        You are welcome! isn’t it more empowering when the focus is more on serving others well? Suddenly, I don’t matter as much 🙂

    • Lois Turley

      I love this post, Jonathan, and look forward to reading your book!

      My initial introduction to interactive web was 18 years ago when I stumbled into the wrong chat room (which turned out to be just the right room for me) while looking for a chat with the author group which I never managed to find. I planned only to observe, but was cast right in the middle of an opportunity to help another person. When I found myself in that chat room in the summer of 1997 (before VOIP), I was afraid to type anything because this was so all new to me, but my fingers refused to be still in the face of this need. I was astounded to see how I was able to help this person thousands of miles away just by typing into the screen.

      I quickly realized that there were opportunities to make a lot of money on the net, also. But my schedule didn’t permit time to minister to others and pursue money making opportunities both, so I chose what I loved to do–helping others. Eventually I did have a very profitable website, but I went through some health issues and my site went down with me. Yet many of those I was able to help are still good friends today! Fortunately, in today’s world, the best way to make money online IS by helping others…the best of both worlds! That’s what I hope to do this year.

      • Jonathan Milligan

        You got it, Lois! If the focus is on the message and helping others the rest begins to build organically.

    • Holly Payne

      I fully agree. It’s important to remember that the things which have shaped our own lives are the same things capable of shaping the lives of others. For us, it’s important to share because our messages (testimonies), coupled with the Blood of Christ are how we overcome ourselves. For others, they see our overcoming lifestyles and want to know the secrets to our success. And so the cycle begins again. 🙂

      • Jonathan Milligan

        Well said Holly!