The Single Dumbest Mistake I’ve Made in Podcasting

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In September 2012, I decided to take the plunge into podcasting. My topic was based on my blog name at the time, Simple Life Habits.

I wanted to see if there was an audience in podcasting for my message of self productivity, life habits, and time management.

What happened surprised me.

Within the first 90 days of podcasting, I had surpassed in listeners what took nearly two years to build in readers on my blog. That was even after having a few blog posts featured on Life Hacker.

Needless to say, this got my attention. While you’ve probably heard much more about podcasting these days, many still think we are in the “Wild West Days” of podcasting. Consider a few of these stats on podcasting:

  • According to Edison Research, one in six Americans have listened to a podcast within the past six months.
  • The percentage of Americans who have ever listened to a podcast is 29%.
  • 25% of podcast consumers plug their MP3 players or smartphones into their car audio system “nearly every say.”

What’s Holding You Back?

My question for you today is what is holding you back from starting your own podcast? Of course, it might not be your thing, but more often than not I hear from people who say “I’ve thought about starting a podcast.”

When I ask why they haven’t started, they often refer to the technical side of things. They see others who pay thousands of dollars in podcast equipment. They are often surprised when I tell them I spent $100 on a Blue Yeti Microphone.

I think another obstacle is the “fear of the process.” It seems like a ton of work goes into publishing a single episode. My post production process is very simple. I need it to be simple in order to do it on a consistent basis.

The Single Dumbest Mistake I’ve Made in Podcasting

I often get asked how I keep up with publishing two separate podcasts. It is a challenge for sure. At times, I’ve even felt a bit scattered and confused.

I even had to remove one podcast episode because I accidentally uploaded it to the wrong podcast. I knew then that things had to change.

I decided that it was important to begin creating a procedure for everything.

A simple checklist that anyone can follow. Today, my Blog Assistant handles all of the post production process for my two podcasts.

Before she used my checklist, she had never published a podcast before.

My Simple Checklist for Post Production of My Podcast

How to do the post production of a podcast

Today, I’m launching a new series called the Blog Playbook Series. It is a collection of the exact processes and checklists I use in my online business. With each playbook you will receive a Checklist PDF and Video(s).

There are two ways to get a hold of these checklists. The first way is through becoming a Blogging Your Passion University Monthly Member. Each Wednesday, we will be releasing a new blog checklist you can use in your online business.

The second way to get your hands on this checklist is via instant download. For the first week of release, this new checklist will be just $17. To get this discount, just use the offer code ‘podcast’ at checkout.

To find out more, or to grab a copy click here.


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