The Two Best Ways to Leverage Your Online Business

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As you can tell, everything is changing at a rapid pace. To have a long career as a full-time blogger you’re going to need to see trends and be open for change in order to stay relevant.

Any time I’m interviewed, there’s one interesting question that almost always come up: “Where do you see all of this going in the next five to ten years?” It’s a hard question to answer. Think about it. If you were to transport back in time ten to fifteen years, we were living in a day without iPhones and Facebook.

Can you imagine a world today without those things?

Where all of this is going in the next five to ten years is hard to tell, but here’s what I do know:

  1. There will always be people who need help
  2. There will always be others who are doing things better than me

If I always stay close to those two things, I’ll be able to adjust with the times and find better ways to serve others. I call it the ultimate way to leverage your business.

The Two Best Ways to Leverage Your Business

When most of us think of leverage, we often think of earning money while we sleep, working our own hours and not trading time for dollars. While those are certainly benefits of leverage, there’s an even powerful form for leverage that all pro bloggers value. It comes in two forms.

Learning – The Ability to Unlearn and Sit at the Feet of Your Peers

It’s easy to fall into the trap that we know all of the right things. This is a trapping of success if you are not careful. Some online entrepreneurs see success in one thing and they stick with it. They protect it like an only child. Only problem is they don’t seek out advice and growth in other areas of their business. Then they wonder what happened when their business crumbles.

The most successful full-time bloggers understand the importance of never ending growth. They have a unique ability to unlearn and sit at the feet of their peers. They are hungry to learn and recognize they don’t know it all. They have the ability to set aside their opinions about something in the past and take a new, fresh look at something old.

Maybe they were once convinced that marketing on Facebook wasn’t worth their time. Until they meet a peer who has an amazing approach to Facebook marketing. Instead of dismissing it, they open their eyes and listen as if it were the first time.

Listening – A Constant Awareness of the Goals, Passions, and Struggles of Your Audience

You cease to exist as an online business without customers, fans and followers. Successful bloggers can sense when they are becoming disconnected from their audience. This is one danger in scaling your business so large that you no longer have interactions with your audience.

To stay relevant you have to stay in close proximity with your audience. What are their goals? What are their passions? What are their struggles? The more you understand the answers to these questions the better you’ll be at serving your audience well.

As you’ll learn in my new book the 15 Success Traits of Pro Bloggers, staying in touch with your audience is absolutely essential. If serving others is your highest priority, then how can you serve them if you don’t know their needs?


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