Time Management for Bloggers – Part 2 [Podcast]

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All bloggers start off part-time. All of us have to learn how to manage work, life, church, relationships and find time to blog our passion. In the first installment of Time Management for Bloggers we talked about the importance of understanding which blogging tasks give you the most return.

Typically speaking, 20% of what you do yields 80% of the results. It is especially important for you to get clarity on what that top 20% is for you. Once you know those high-result tasks, you can move further faster even though you might not be spending as much time on your blog as you would like.

In today’s episode, Bob and Jonathan are going to share two more important principles for you to remember when it comes to blogging.

  • Knowing the difference between planning and taking action
  • Understanding the value in education vs. experience

We hope you get some great insights and value from this open and honest discussion.


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Question: What tips or advice do you have for other aspiring bloggers who struggle finding time to work on their blogs? Please comment below.





8 thoughts on “Time Management for Bloggers – Part 2 [Podcast]”

  1. Beware, This blog is published with the intent of making the authors money, with no regard to their readers. Any claim they exist to assist other bloggers is false.

    1. Jonathan Milligan

      Hi Joe. Sorry you feel that way. That is certainly not the image we want to betray. Our desire from the very beginning has been to help people. Feel free to reach out to me personally through the contact page if I can assist you with anything.

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