Time Management for Bloggers – Part 3 [Podcast]

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Are you overwhelmed with the amount of effort it takes to get a blog off the ground? Well, then today’s podcast is going to be especially helpful for you. Bob and I are going to talk about the power of outsourcing.

In the past, we have used outsourcing in different ways. You will learn many different approaches on how you can begin to off load some of your blogging tasks.

Some people think when it comes to outsourcing you have to go full throttle in order for it to be beneficial. This is not true. I often encourage people to get started in two fundamental areas:

1. Consider outsourcing any of your media challenges

While you can certainly create your own graphics, video intros, and podcast voice-overs, I would recommend you outsource these tasks so you can remain focused on producing content.

Now, the one exception is if art & graphics is central to what your blog is about. However, I have seen too many people waste time creating their own graphics when it could have been better spent on creating new content.

The best place to start is with Fiverr. There are some very talented people on Fiverr. They can work pretty quickly as well. My podcast intro for my Simple Life Habits Podcast was produced by voice over specialist on Fiverr. Our video intro for the Blogging Your Passion University courses was created by someone on Fiverr. Whether it is a logo, ebook cover, or a podcast intro, you should consider using Fiverr.

2. Consider outsourcing any of your technical challenges

While it is good for you to learn and struggle through technical things a bit, I have seen many beginner bloggers give up because they are discouraged and overwhelmed with technology challenges. Please don’t spend 4 hours changing the CSS of your site only to make things worse.

When I face these challenges, I turn to Freelancer.com. You can post a project for free and get a good feel for how hard your task is going to be and how much it is going to cost. I have even had programmers reply to my project post giving me the answer to fix my problem without even paying. Now, this may have been because my task was simpler than I thought, but still I got my answer.

The above is just a preview of how to outsource blogging tasks in order to get more done. Now, listen to the rest of the conversation Bob and I had about outsourcing.

Time Management for Bloggers – Part 3 [Podcast]

When should you start outsourcing? What types of tasks can you outsource? In this podcast, Bob and Jonathan share a few ways they have outsourced some of their blogging tasks in order to get more done. Learning to maximize leverage can be a huge win in growing your blog.


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In what ways have you used outsourcing to help you get more done with your blog? Please comment below. 


2 thoughts on “Time Management for Bloggers – Part 3 [Podcast]”

  1. Great podcast Jonathan. Out sourcing can really help a busy blogger and it is also a good idea until you get your sea legs.
    Out sourcing is sometimes a bad word, but bigger companies like Nike has been doing it for years.
    At least most bloggers do not use sweat shops. As you mention, most times you are helping a family live.

  2. Outsourcing is often overlooked. It’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses and identify where you time will be best spent. It can take time to find the right people to do the job, but when you do it will be worth it.

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