Webinar Recording Fail

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Many of you have asked about getting the recording of our recent Webinar and I am sorry to say that it will not be available.

We were testing out a new free Webinar software called AnyMeeting. As you may or may not know it is normally pretty expensive to host webinars. We have tried out a few different versions of webinar software and some of them were pretty limited in features and still cost over $100/month.

So when we heard that AnyMeeting was free and offered just as many features as some of the others out there, we thought we just had to give it a try. Well, we got what we paid for. 😉

Two Problems

1. If you were with us that night you know that our first issue was that for some reason (we think inconveniently scheduled website maintenance) users couldn’t login until about 10 minutes AFTER the webinar began. This was not cool and we are sorry that it happened.

2. Technically, we did get a recording of the webinar, but it only recorded one of our voices. I don’t really understand how this happened, since those on the call could hear both of us. But, it did happen and we have tried to figure out why and way to get the actuall recording, but I don’t think it is going to happen this time.

The biggest bummer is that Anymeeting is a very feature-rich software and could blow the other guys out of the water with their free service if they can work out the bugs, but for the time being, they have some issues to resolve.

Going forward

We will be doing more free webinars in the future, but don’t know which webinar software we will be trying out. Since we have now tried quite a few of them, we will also be writing a comparison review to help you guys decide which tool is best for you. Stay tuned!