Where Do You Get Background Music for Your Videos?

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I recently received an email from a reader asking where we get background music for our videos. We don’t use music for every video, but we do use them on our sales pages for Blogging Your Passion University Courses.

Audio jingles add an instant professionalism to your videos. In days gone by, you would have had to hire out people to create nice backdrop music for your videos. This would have cost you a pretty penny for sure.

It is much easier today to buy the rights to quality audio jingles. Once you pay for the rights, you are able to use that tune over and over again. They can be used on sales pages, tutorial videos, products, podcasts, etc.

Why We Like to Use Audio Jungle

While there are many great places to purchase background music for your videos, we like the ease, simplicity, and affordability of Audio Jungle. Below is an example of a great tune we purchased at Audio Jungle for the new BYPU 301 intro video.

I believe we only paid $11 for the tune. That is a nominal price for a quality tune that can add a level of professionalism to our video.

A Few Pointers for You

1. Find a tune that fits your purpose – Music is a big motivator for all of us. Be sure you take your time to find the audio jingle that fits the mood, setting, or feeling you are trying to evoke. Don’t take this lightly. The wrong tune can do more harm than good.

2. Check out the license details before purchasing – You want to be sure that you have the proper rights to use the jingle for your intended purposes. Most tunes do come with full commercial rights.

3. Be sure to choose a tune with looped audio – Each tune on Audio Jungle either has a yes or no to this question. Tunes with an audio loop make it much easier to “repeat” a tune so that it flows continually through your video. In other words, there is no hard “stop and start” with the music.

4. Adding your audio to your podcast or video – You will need to have a software program to do this (unless you outsource it to a place like Fiverr.com) With a podcast, you can easily use Audacity to add the music. If you have a video, I love to use Camtasia to add the jingle to my video.

We encourage you to sign up for a free account and check out Audio Jungle for yourself!

Question: Have you used background music on your podcasts or videos? Have any tips? Please share below.

4 thoughts on “Where Do You Get Background Music for Your Videos?”

  1. Jonathan,

    Thanks so much for your ongoing tips. I have been using musicbakery.com but I’ll add AudioJungle and pass that on to my podcast listeners.

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