Why Blog?

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Why is blogging so big? Should I start a blog? Aren’t there enough blogs out there already? Is blogging a fad? Won’t blogging be over-saturated soon? Am I coming too late into the blogging phenomenon now? Why blog?

Have those questions rolled through your mind before? I have heard these types of questions asked over and over again. Today, my goal is to share with you some solid reasons as to why you should consider starting a blog. Hopefully, you can connect with some of these.

Why People Blog

There are many reasons why people blog. Before you get started it is probably a good idea to think about some of the reasons as to why you want to go on a blogging adventure.

  • To find your voice in the world. We all have a deep desire to matter in this world. We want to know that we mean something to someone. We want to have a unique voice in this world. One of the many reasons that people blog is because they lost their voice along the way. Corporate America set them on the assembly line of life and told them to enjoy being inspector #452. We want to be more than a number. It is awesome to think that something we write can be a help and encouragement to some one else.
  • To add value in the world. This is closely related to the first. What drives many bloggers is that what they have to say can influence others in this world. The internet leveled the playing field for all of us. We have the same opportunity as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and eBay. They create Facebook pages just like us. They want to rank better in the search engines just like us.
  • To have fun. For the social bunnies out there, blogging is just a fun way to share and connect with others. This is why connecting your passion to blogging is so critical. You can have fun, add value to others, and make a low-maintenance income all at the same time.
  • To gain more exposure. Authors, speakers and musicians use blogging as a way to increase their online exposure. They want to establish their name in front of a wider audience.
  • To network with other like-minded individuals. Blogging can connect you with people that you would have otherwise never have met. I originally met Bob Lotich because I sent him an email asking if I could guest post on his blog. We share many of the same philosophies and principles about blogging. He has been a big encouragement to me in my blogging career.
  • To carve out a tribe that you can serve. There are people out there that share the same beliefs, passions, hobbies and interests as you. Blogging can allow you to develop a like-minded community that will see you as the expert in a niche. This unique voice that you have in the lives of others can allow you to benefit financially by adding tremendous value in their life.

There are many more reasons than this as to why people blog. As you can see blogging can do much for you whether you are solo-prenuer or part of an organization.


Question: If you blog, why do you blog?

2 thoughts on “Why Blog?”

  1. Jonathan,
    I just started blogging about a month ago. I had been talking about starting a blog for well over a year and I finally just decided to “do the work” and start something. My primary reason for writing IS to find my voice – just as you said. I want to know if I have a voice that anyone else is interested in.

    Blogging has already been a liberating experience – no matter the outcome. Thanks for the insightful posts you share!

    1. Jason,

      You are right on. When I started it was just as much for me as those who were potentially going to read my thoughts. I do not mean that in a selfish way at all. I knew learning and writing was a strength of mine and blogging met the need I had in a big way. I also had such a strong desire to add value to others that it pushed me to produce more each day. Thanks for your thoughts.

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