Why You Should \"Out-Teach\" Your Competition

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I have talked in the past about 11 Ways to Be a Rainmaker in your niche. Today, I want to talk about our core philosophy in a little bit more detail. Bob and I have never been concerned about what our competition is doing. We do not try to figure out how to “out market” the competition.

While I am sure that marketing has its place in all of this, it is just not our primary focus. We instead choose to “out-teach” our competition. We choose to hold nothing back. Bob has done this in a masterful way with his Personal Finance blog. There is a wealth of information available to anyone who wants to improve their finances.

The primary goal of my career coaching blog has been to provide as much career advice as possible. I am constantly looking for topics in my niche that I have not covered before. In fact just the other day I realized that I had yet covered a single blog post about how to handle panel interviews. So, I sat down and wrote 6 Tips on How to Handle a Panel Interview.

The point I am trying to make is this:

Let your core content strategy be about “out-teaching” your competition. 

Build a reputation of being the blogger who shares it all. Many bloggers are concerned that people will not buy products from them if they share everything. Wrong. Just the opposite is true. If you can deliver in a big way on the free track. People will want to buy from you. They buy because they trust you. They buy because they know you will over-deliver.

How exactly do you “out-teach” the competition?

  • Hold nothing back in your free, available content – Do not tease people with your content. People will choose you over the competition because they are constantly learning valuable info from you. Give out your best stuff. period.
  • Allow your content to be digested in as many formats as possible – This is how you can really crush it. Write Epic blog posts. Create awesome YouTube videos. Develop podcasts that followers can listen to during their daily commute. Give away free webinars and teach others in a big way.
  • Cast as wide a net as possible in your niche – Decide today that you are going to cover it all. Not just the topics that are most searched for in Google. Cover it all. Do not just cover the topics that you have the most interest in. Research and write about any topic that falls under your umbrella niche.

Have you chosen to “out-teach” your competition? If so, we would love to hear how you are doing it? Take a moment and comment below. 


2 thoughts on “Why You Should \"Out-Teach\" Your Competition”

  1. This is very good advice. It is easy to hold “our cards close to our vest” but then no one really benefits from doing that. This isn’t a game, but a long term plan to build trust and belief in what we have to offer and to grow a blog business that provides great value for others in whatever our niche may be. As you say, people will buy from the ones they like and trust.

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