How to Auto-Feed WordPress Into Facebook

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facebook logoFor a long time I wanted to automatically feed all of my WordPress blog posts into my Facebook fan page but I struggled finding a good way to do it. I finally found a great plugin called ‘Facebook Page Publish’ and it has been working pretty well.

The plugin can be a little confusing when setting it up so I created a quick tutorial on how to get it up and running.

Let me know if you have any questions…

22 thoughts on “How to Auto-Feed WordPress Into Facebook”

  1. Thanks you made adding this app easy. That’s the first time I’ve made a facebook app and it works great. My posts are up. Do you use feedburner to add your posts to twitter automatically?

  2. That’s what I thought. i just started using feedburner to update twitter and it works great. The facebook plugin demo worked great too. Really cool app. Now I can cross of my social media updating for these things. On to the next…

  3. Question, why not just use the publicize feature that wordpress offers for both twitter and Facebook? I find it simple and effective to use and even simpler to turn on.

        1. Ok that makes sense – like craig mentioned too it isn’t something that we self-hosted WP bloggers have as an option…

  4. Can you tell this app how often to publish a post to your FB wall. My current FB feed automatically pulls in each new post.

    Would also like to hear your opinion on how often a FB page should publish the daily post. It publishes my posts daily and I haven’t lost any fans (to my knowledge) but the downside is that each status update gets pushed down by the daily feed.

    I like the idea of my articles being on the fans walls every day, but wondered if you would do it differently.


  5. Is it possible to do this in reverse? I tend to update my facebook fan page a lot more often then my blog. I would love to feed what I post on my fanpage and automatically have them as blog entries.

  6. Does anyone have a screenshot of the finished look when it’s on FB?

    I had the perfect app called networkedblogs on facebook and it fed it right through to twitter with images and everything on both facebook and automatic on twitter, but when I switched from Blogger to, it will not accept the change even though it has simple instructions for doing so. They have also shut down their forums so I dont know what is going on.

    I got another app and it put it on my news instead of on the pages and no pictures there. I really just want what I had back! So was wondering if anyone has a screenshot of their blog on fb…or any info is greatly appreciated.

  7. Your video shows how this is done for a Like Page but I want it to feed to my regular profile wall. At time marker 1:26 you click on Open Link In New Tab which takes you to a simple create application page. Mine doesn’t go to that page and typing in the URL by hand doesn’t work either.

    This is the closest I’ve found on app creation. and it seems really convoluted compared to your much simpler example.

    I was feeling really hopeful until I tried it. Any suggestions?

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