WP Curve Review + A List of Tasks You Can Give Them

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Do you know enough about WordPress, CSS and HTML to be dangerous? I’ve broken my WordPress theme countless number of times. I’ve seen the dreaded white blank page with an error code at the top more than I want to remember.

I’ve spent hours in the past googling a way to find my own fix. The number #1 challenge that stops most bloggers from moving forward is the technical side of blogging.

Enter WPCurve.

BONUS CONTENT: Want to super-charge your WordPress blog? I've put together a entire list of tasks you can outsource to WPCurve. This is the exact list of tasks I've sent them over the past few months for both of my blogs. You can grab this list at the end of the post or click here to grab the PDF now.

Have you ever had one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments? That is how I feel about WP Curve. WP Curve gives you access to qualified WordPress developers 24/7 with unlimited WordPress service for one monthly fee. I’ve tested it out on two different blogs for the past few months and they’ve saved me hours.

All you do is email support the task you’d like for them to do and they’ll get right on it. You can send an unlimited amount of tasks but only one at a time.

5 Reasons I Love WP Curve

If you’re unsure how you would use a service like WP Curve, let me offer you 5 reasons you should give them a try.

1. The Initial Site Review

This was a surprise to me. After signing up, I was notified that they would be doing a full, initial site review. This site review alone is worth the price of the first month of service. After they perform the review, they’ll send you an email with the recommended changes they suggest. From there, you can reply to the email to let them know which tasks you want them to do. Here’s a brief overview of the categories in your initial site review that they will check.

  • Permalinks
  • Theme coding
  • Google indexing
  • Front end site check
  • Mobile responsive
  • SEO
  • Security and maintenance
  • Theme – active theme
  • Theme – inactive themes
  • WordPress plugins
  • Security
  • Site speed
  • Overall download time
  • Server response time
  • Site size
  • External scripts

 2. Theme Customizations

Are there elements in your WordPress theme that you don’t like? Want your social media buttons moved or deleted? Want a featured box at the top of your blog to collect email addresses? Want to removing header and links on your sales pages? WPCurve will make any of those changes for you.

3. Navigation Customizations

Besides your theme, maybe you have other more technical tasks you want done. For example, I had some low, quality links that I wanted to remove from various pages on my blog. I simply sent them 6-10 links at a time I wanted removed and they took care of it for me. I’ve also had them set up page redirects when I’ve needed that done as well.

4. Solving Bugs and Issues

A few weeks back I notice my “edit post” page wasn’t working right in my WordPress admin. I knew it had to be a plugin that was interfering. I didn’t have to work on this so I sent it off to WPCurve. Within the hour they had identified the faulty plugin and deactivated it for me. They are now my go-to source when I run into minor bugs like this.

5. Improving Site Speed

One of the projects I’ve been wanting to do for awhile is to improve my overall site speed for my blog. I ran a speed test at GTMetrix.com. They offer a PDF download of all the tasks they recommend to improve your site speed. While you can’t forward the entire list to WPCurve, you can send them small tasks a little at a time. Doing this has improved my page performance from a D to a B+.

BONUS CONTENT: Want to super-charge your WordPress blog? Grab my PDF list of tasks you can outsource to WPCurve. This will give you the jump start you need to improve your blog! CLICK HERE to grab this PDF now.

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