You Don’t Have to Wait for Permission

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In May of 2012, I published my first Kindle book. Every single month since then, I receive monthly royalty checks from Amazon. Whenever I’m asked: “Jonathan, what’s the fastest way to earn money online?” My response is to write and publish a Kindle book.

  • Amazon already has millions of people searching for books to read
  • Amazon wants to share up to 70% of the revenue with you

Earlier this year Forbes Magazine announced that Amazon is earning $512 million dollars a year from ebooks alone. The article would go on to say that 40% of the revenue goes to self-published authors.

Think about that for a moment. $212 million dollars is being paid to self published authors annually.

You Don’t Have to Wait for Permission

What’s standing in your way from publishing a Kindle book? The good news is you don’t have to wait for permission.

  • There’s no fees to pay to publish on Amazon
  • There’s no book proposal you need to get accepted
  • There’s no interview you have to pass in order to publish

You Just Need a Plan

Honestly, all you need is a plan for writing your book. A few questions you might need to answer would be:

  • What’s the concept of my book?
  • What’s a catchy title for my book?
  • How do I get a nice cover image for my book?
  • What software should I use to write my book?
  • How will I format my book for the Kindle?

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