4 Reasons Why I Blog

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As I have shared with you recently, my wife started a blog. Not only has it been an adventure for her, but for me as well. Although, I have shared my blogging success stories with her over the years, she really started from square one.

When she first started, I told her to sit down and go through the Blogging Your Passion University 101 (BYPU 101) and 201 (BYPU 201) courses. It was great feedback for me and confirmation the courses nail their intended purpose!

Today I walked by her computer and saw a sticky note that caught me eye (see the pic). In a nutshell, it said:

Write Because….

1. You love it!

2. Help others!

3. Have something to share

4. It’s fun!

When I read that I said “I’m totally blogging this!” So, here I am. My question for you today is simple:

Why do you blog (or write)?

It is easy to get lost in all of the blogging duties day to day. We get busy. Life gets in the way. Before we know it the “we get to write a blog post” becomes “we have to write a blog post.” We trade passion for duty. I want to challenge you to never lose your joy of writing and sharing.

4 Reasons Why I Blog

Ok, I’ll admit. I am stealing my wife’s reasons. They are just too good not to share.

1. Write Because You Love It!

Does writing bring you pleasure? Does sharing your passion bring you joy? Maybe writing is a gift given to you by God? One of my favorite stories is from Eric Leddell in the famous movie Chariots of Fire. Eric Ledell, the famous runner, said, “When I run, I feel His pleasure.” When we use the gifts God has given us, it brings Him pleasure. Maybe you can say, “When I write, I feel His pleasure.”

2. Write Because it Helps Others

I have mentioned this many times, but nothing is more rewarding than getting a “thank you” email or blog comment from a reader. This is especially true when it is from an article you wrote over two years ago. That is when you begin to realize the accumulative influence your writing can have on people. It is worth more than an email about an affiliate sale in my book!

3. Write Because You Have Something to Share

We all want to have a voice. We all want to make a difference. You have life experiences, knowledge and expertise others want to hear. Do not back away because of fear. Do not let the fear of not being good enough keep your boat tied to the shore.

You were designed to be out in the open sea on an amazing adventure. It is what you were built for.

Read in order to share.

Learn in order to give.

Live in order to inspire.

4. Write Because it is Fun!

You might think I am weird but I love the rhythm of my fingers on the keyboard. I love to get lost in the flow of writing. It just might be my place in this world. It is hard to explain, but I get lost in the moment. I enjoy putting together a topic or seeing an idea come to fruition. The ability to create something others can benefit from is just pure fun. Do you write because you enjoy it? Do you write because it is fun?

What are your reasons? Why do you blog? Maybe you need to write a few things on a sticky note and place it next to your computer!

Question: Why do you blog? 

6 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why I Blog”

  1. To answer your questions, all of the above. One thing I would add, at least for myself, is the act of being creative. I have rediscovered my joy of drawing. I was once a commissioned pin & ink artist. Somewhere along the line I stopped drawing. Blogging has brought me back to a lost passion and I am drawing again. I love using my vector tools on my iPad. I have created many illustrations for my blog and completed some personal avatars for some close friends which has been fun. However, I now know I will be setting up my studio and will once again start working in pin & ink.

    My husband has said; If nothing more comes of your blogging then your return to your art then it has accomplished much and for that I am grateful. (And so am I)

    :), Susan

  2. BloggingYourPassion

    Great point Scott. I like that. Blogging is a self development and spiritual enrichment tool as well. – Jonathan

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