#002: 5 Basics of On-Page SEO [Podcast]

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In this episode we discuss 5 important and simple tasks that you can start doing today to get your blog to start ranking in Google and the other search engines.


Included in this episode:

  • The first step every blogger should take when trying to get search traffic
  • A simple and free keyword research tool
  • Our trick that has greatly increased our search traffic on our blogs.
  • A couple free plugins that you can start using today to better your SEO.
  • And a lot more!

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3 thoughts on “#002: 5 Basics of On-Page SEO [Podcast]”

  1. I really enjoyed the podcast. I started putting in keywords in my alternative text tab for my pictures. I never even knew what that was for.

    I really like your guys brick by brick philosophy. It is reassuring for a new blogger like myself. There are so many things out there (SEO, developing relationships, design, branding, niche, great content, marketing, and a bazillion other things) that is really easy to feel overwhelmed. But when I remind myself that I am building brick by brick it is easy to just relax and pile on the next brick 🙂

    Of course, above all else my focus is on providing the best content I can.

    Today I added a new brick by incorporating keywords in my alternate text tab for pictures.

    I’m looking forward to the next podcast.

    1. Izmael, you are right – there are a million things that we can always do better, but if we just keep building it brick-by-brick we will get there!

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