How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog Using Old Content

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As I am sure you have figured out by now, blogging is an adventure. It is great to plan, prepare and research your topic. However, we can never know for certain which keywords will rank and which blog posts will be the most popular. For example, on my career coaching site I wrote a simple blog post about email ideas that job seekers can use to follow up with hiring managers. The blog post took me about 10-15 minutes to write. I believe the post has less than 400 words total. That one blog post consistently brings in 30,000+ visits a month to my blog. I knew it would probably be a good post to write, but I am not that smart. The success of that post went way beyond my imagination.

You can do the same if you take consistent action with your blog. One of the best ways to gain better rankings and more traffic is by keyword optimizing your old content. This might seem time consuming but it really is not. If you have Google Analytics, then you have all the information that you need. The process is simple:

1. Find the keywords that people are using to find your site.

2. Add those keyword phrases into your old content.

I will do my best to explain how you can do this, but I did create a video below that walks you through the process.

The first step is for you to use Google Analytics and see what keywords people are using to find your site. Google will rank each blog post you write for all kinds of keyword phrases. Many of those keyword phrases do not even appear in your text, but they are considered to be closely related keywords. For example, your blog post might be about “cool cars.”

By looking in Google Analytics, you find out that you are receiving traffic for the following related keywords:

  • future cars
  • pimped out cars
  • classic cars
  • fast cars
  • expensive cars

Now, if the related keyword phrase is different enough from my main keyword, then I might even consider writing a whole new post. Typically, when I do this I find that Google will highly rank my new blog post since it already “trusts” my site for that keyword phrase.

Most of the time I will just work as many related keyword phrases into my old content as possible. In the video below, I show you exactly how to do this.

Two Benefits to Keyword Optimizing Old Content

I clearly see two benefits to taking time out of your busy week to take the above actions.

1. You can “lock in” the rankings for that related keyword phrase. By having the actual keyword phrase in your text, you can establish that your article belongs in the rankings for that keyword phrase.

2. You can improve your rankings for that keyword phrase. By simply taking the action steps above, I have seen an improvement in rankings for my related keyword phrases.

Carve out an hour this week and take the above actions. The good news is that your old content does not “ride off into the sunset” but instead it actually “gets better with time.”


If you cannot see the video above, please watch “How to Get More Traffic Using Old Content” directly on YouTube.