Why No One Cares About Your Blog

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Have you ever been in a room full of “talkers”? You know what I mean… A room full of outgoing, charismatic people.

You want to add to the conversation, but you wonder if it is even possible to get your word in edge wise.

Blogging can feel like that too.

It is noisy out there.

I often get emails from beginner bloggers who are just frustrated. They don’t  understand why more people aren’t reading their blog and commenting. They want to give up.

Out of desperation, they ask me to take a look at their blog as they want to know “what they are doing wrong.” Nine times out of ten I can immediately spot the problem.

They are missing it in one of these four critical areas. Some are even missing the mark in more than one of these areas.

1. Your blog is only about you

No one cares about your blog unless you are adding value to their lives in some way. Don’t get me wrong. Personal stories, triumphs and struggles are good to share. But it should lead to a lesson, point or action step.

I know a blog is doomed when all they’re talking about is what’s going on in their life. No one cares what little Johnny did or said today (that’s what Facebook is for) unless it points to a bigger lesson or application.

Be certain your blog post can add value to the reader first.

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2. You are not personally growing

To be a successful blogger, you have to commit to personal growth. When you stop growing, your blog posts become boring, mundane, and white noise.

  • What did you recently read that has challenged and inspired you in some new way?
  • What is a specific area you are trying to grow in that you want to challenge your readers to join you?
  • What new insights, thoughts, and ideas have you recently discovered?

3. You are not creating “shareable” content

I want to share with you the simplest tip that can revolutionize your blog immediately. Improve the headlines of your blog posts. If it doesn’t create some kind of intrigue or interest, it won’t get shared and it won’t get clicked.

You need to put your copywriting and advertising hat on before you hit publish. You need to think like a newspaper or magazine editor. It is all in the title.

Which one would you click on or share?

My Life Purpose


How to Discover Your Life Purpose in the Next 5 Minutes

Spend some more time on your blog headlines. It will make all the difference.

4. You are not creating “scannable” content

Don’t go back and read my old blog posts. I’m guilty of this mistake. Once people click on a link to read your blog post, is it “scannable”? Can I get value from it without reading it word for word?

I rarely read a blog post word for word, and I bet you are the same. We are just too busy. You can make your blog post scannable by:

  •  Writing short sentences and short paragraphs
  • Have sub-headings that divide up different points
  • Provide pictures when explaining a “how to” article

Your blog will make a huge leap forward if you begin to focus on implementing the 4 suggestions above.

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Which of the 4 mistakes above do you need to work on the most?