How to Easily Manage Your Own Writers With WriteAid

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Today’s article is specifically designed to help bloggers who have been blogging for awhile. If you are just starting out, there are some great lessons to learn in this article, but the application of these principles probably won’t come for a few more months.

I want to specifically talk to you today about the power of outsourcing. There will come a time in your blogging business when you discover that you are your own worst enemy. There is only so much that one person can do. If you have any chance at getting to the next level, you are going to have to start allowing others to join you on the journey.

Scaling your blogging business is one of the smartest things that you can do (once you begin building a profitable blog). There are many different ways today that you can begin outsourcing your business. Today, I am just going to focus on freelance writers.

Once you get to the point of making some consistent money, you need to start re-investing some profits. Get other people to help you reach your goals. Having other capable people who can write content for you can be a great investment.

About a year ago, I started hiring freelance writers here and there to start writing for me. Here are the ways not to do it.

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  • Have them send you articles in Gmail (I always seemed to easily lose track)
  • Set up a Google Docs Spreadsheet to share (I thought this was genius until things started getting deleted).
  • Set them up as a user in WordPress (this is the best of all of these options but you still do not have as much control as I am about to show you).


About a year ago, I was offered to be a part of a Beta program that was designed to manage freelance writers. I was thrilled because I was pulling out my hair as I had 10 writers at the time and things were getting way to confusing. (I was adding article topics that I wanted written to 10 different Google Doc spreadsheets- way too confusing).

Why I Love WriteAid

I won’t go into great depth because I recorded a pretty lengthy video below showing you my exact system. WriteAid allows me to manage a team of freelance writers in a simple way.

Features that I like include:

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  • I can add article topics into one main article topics pool for my writers to choose.
  • I can specify the exact keyword phrases that I want included in the article (for search engine ranking)
  • I can easily make links and anchor text
  • I can set the minimum length of articles
  • I can assign specific article topics to specific writers
  • I can run reports in order to pay writers
  • I can control my outsourcing costs by deciding how many article topics to make available.


Below is about a 15 minute video that I recorded showing you how I use WriteAid to manage my writers. If you cannot see the video, watch How to Easily Manage Your Own Writers With WriteAid directly on YouTube.

30 Day Free Trial is Available

By the way, they do offer a 30 Day Free Trial if you want to try it out for yourself.

Question: If you have built a successful blog, what are some tips that you have about outsourcing or scaling your business? 

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